Missing the ß in German

The “ß” has disappeared since the last update!

If you follow someone then it says in the middle “SCHLIE E DIE LÜCKE” but it should read “SCHLIEßE DIE LÜCKE” or “SCHLIESSE DIE LÜCKE”!

See screenshot in the attachment.

Still missing the “ß” too.

I’m missing the “ß” also since a couple of month now.

What GPU are you using - I changed to Radeon RX 5700 XT and since then teh “ß” is gone. Also in the mini-map in the upper right corner my positions is at the bottom. If I can remember right it was positioned on “the hill”.

Can’t help out with the ß, but about the mini-map, were you in London? I’m pretty sure it’s a known bug that for some reason your position on the London mini-map doesn’t follow the profile of the terrain like it does in other worlds, but rather moves along the bottom of the map (as if you’re under the hill).

The issues with the German UI (there are more than just the missing “ß”) have appeared with an update in April 2020. I am sure they have nothing to do with using Radeon RX 5700 XT.


Thanks Tom. OK, I purchased new GPU at exactly that time so it was coincidence.
@xavier_nihilo: Yes, it was London. This issue I also have since similar timeframe (April 2020). Strange that it takes so long to fix it again.