Defect: Properly support UTF8 in name display and chat

While the Zwift website and the Zwift mobile app support “weird” characters (i.e., non-English characters) then the Zwift application doesn’t.

This entails I can’t write my last name, Þorsteinsson, properly (I have to transliterate it into English characters) and my group and I can’t use all characters we need in chat: áéíóúý-öæ-ðþ (and corresponding capital letters).

The first letter in my last name, Þ, will show up as Ãž, which is a classical UTF8 decoding error.

Chat will simply drop some of these special characters. I’ll enter them from them mobile app but in the application some will show up and not others.

There has been some movement on this front, but not resolved.

According to the patch notes from 19 Jan ( then

  • Added support for European letters/symbols in a users name

I can confirm, after testing, that this *DOES NOT* work. The first letter in my last name, Þ, no longer shows up as Þ but rather there is just nothing. It doesn’t show but nothing shows up, not a blank or other characters.

I can enter my name on the website and it shows up there, but in-game it doesn’t show up on the overview and when I try to edit my name in-game nothing happens when I press the Þ key.

Is there any progress on fixing this? There is still no support for entering “special” characters in the Zwift application (to me they are not special, they are normal characters). My name doesn’t display correctly and and I always have to use the Mobile Link app on my phone to end the ride to be able to give it a correct title.

Any updates on this, is anybody doing something about this issue with non-English Latin characters?