Incentives 2020

I have been on Zwift for over 2 years now, I am at Level 33 and incentive-wise its getting a bit boring. I did all the challenges. I got all the socks. Andt he new drop system is just another number running up on my screen. Group rides are all about the fence now.

So, here are some random thoughts

Incentives for social behaviour
The closer you ride to the leader on a group ride, the more drops you get.
If you ride in front of the fence, you drops start counting backwards.
Someone drafting behind you should also increase the drop count.

New Challenges
What about a Ride-around-the-World Challenge? That shouldn’t be too hard to implement. You’ll get to wear a Tron TT-Suit on Zwift for a month if you’ll finish it.

New Race Modes
How come Zwift doesn’t have Last-Man-Standing-Races? Every lap (or after x minutes) the last rider gets eliminated until nobody is left? Don’t get it. Such a cheap way to have fun. If you wanted to take this a step further let the T-Rex eat the last rider off the road.

A drop in the Bucket
The drop system in general is a bit underwhelming, if you ask me. I already got all the socks I need and I like my Tron Bike very much, so I don’t care about other frames. Not at all. I know why you’re doing it, but lets be honest, this is more of a marketing platform than actual encouragement for riders. Pls come up with something else so we all can keep enjoying Zwift.

Zwift in Times of Corona
Given the current global Corona-Crisis Zwift should have the balls to give away one or two free months to everyone, so we can play our part and encourage people to shut down group rides. Enjoy the tax write-off for promotions and in the long run certainly a lot of new customers, but just do it. You’re welcome.

Speaking of encouragement: Please, everyone, stop encouraging people to travel right now, because it is such a great time. It is certainly not. Don’t even joke about it in the chat. Someone, probably some I-ride-solo-anyways-Guy, will take it seriously and that someone might have been infected days ago and doesn’t even know it. And he or she will get on a flight or a bus or a train and will spread the virus. No question about it.

(I keep hearing that people are smarter than this, but just take a look around. They are not.)

Thats my 2 Cents for now, fee free to vote on my Bug report regarding special characters in the Companion App, its from November and still isn’t fixed.

Have a nice Sunday, stay safe and I’ll see you on the Tour of Watopia.


Why should they give free months during a time when their customers are most likely to be using the service? Does your favorite restaurant usually give out free meals and wine on Saturday night?

If anything they should charge more, not less during times like this. And I’m glad zwift isn’t profiteering like they could be

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And Zwift already does a fair amount of this without giving out free memberships. Think the ALS ride with Andre Greipel most recently.

While corporate social responsibility can be a part of the mission of any company the main duty a company has is to their shareholders. While people can debate if that is the way it should be, currently a businesses primary responsibility is a fiduciary interest to those who own a stake or have lent them money.

Additionally, as I pointed out on another thread that was similar to this the cost to get into cycling isn’t a small one. Most of us have spent $1,000s on equipment, gear, etc before even getting into Zwift so $15/month isn’t a prohibitive cost when you factor in the amount of costs already incurred to even have the ability to utilize Zwift.


You don’t have to be a public company to have shareholders.


You miss the mention of Zwift getting $120 million in funding? The people who provided that funding now have a financial interest in the company to be profitable and get a return on their investment. And here is some more for you:

Investor Name Lead Investor Funding Round
Ion Pacific Yes Secondary Market - Zwift
Waypoint Capital No Series A - Zwift
Max Levchin No Series A - Zwift
Novator Yes Series A - Zwift

Guys. Lets not get into a huge discussion about this, but of cause you can be socially responsible while keeping your shareholders happy. Imagine Netflix doing the same thing right now, the marketing value of the global positive press alone would exceed actual costs by an untold multiple. Not to talk about turning new users into regular customers in the long run because your product is so awesome they just want to stay and pay for it. Its a way of customer acquisition after all.

Anyways. I think this is something Zwift could actually do, as they in fact are a socially woke company. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. But, that being said, we can argue all day long about this, its not up to us, so pls don’t waste your breath.

But that’s what the internet was made for, arguring… way to break the foundation of the internet :rofl:

(and in case it wasn’t obvious this post is pure sarcasm)

I always thought the Internet was made for cat pictures and dance contests.

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Let’s hope that isn’t the case with Zwift cause it really is a great platform and provides a great benefit to those who use it. :crossed_fingers:

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What companies or products are you referring to?
Only thing I can’t think of like that is the tax man :grin: