Thank You

(Trevor Dias) #1

Guess I just wanted to say a big thanks to two groups:


  1. Zwift, thank you for what you have created. However more importantly thank you for being one of the very few companies in the world who are truly customer focused. To open up a FOC beta platform for a whole year, to encourage and act on customer feedback and to wait to charge until you had an absolutely world class, solid product to offer is amazing. I wish you all the future success you deserve and look forward to more mind blowing innovation from you each and every year. 

I do also hope that when you start to make a nice profit (which I’m sure won’t be long), you can undertake in some great Corporate Social Responsibility. Simple things like taking this into schools to them take inactivity etc, encourage kids into sport would be amazing  hospitals for rehab etc. 


  1. The Zwift user Community, I have loved each and every mile riding with you all. From the total stranger who pushed me to my very first Jersey having a little race with each other, and then seeing you destroy me on a full lap to get your PB. To the group rides that are inclusive and not exclusive. Like the one I stumbled across on Friday, and rode with until I landed in no mans land only for one of them to spin round and pick me up and draft me back to the group. Also to everyone who has offered great constructive feedback to zwift to make the product great.


cant remember the last time I was eagerly happy to hand over my hard earned money to pay fir something… Until now  




(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Wow, thank you S. Nail (I see what you did there)! :smiley:

(. TriFloyd (C) 2290) #3

Agree.  Thanks, Zwift and Zwift community.  well done.