Thank you! 🥳

I wanted to make a forum so thank all of the watopia way finders and community leaders(and all the ppl who helped make Zwift) Thank you guys for all that you’ve done!!! Zwift is a special thing!!! :blush: so I just wanted to thank y’all.



Thanks @Liz_J

This has been a interesting year. So many new people to help.


It will be interesting to see if indoor cycling is just a “pandemia fad” or if the growth will continue. If nothing else, investors have seen the potential and an influx of cash usually does good for competition and innovation.

Yes, and you guys help them in a lot of great ways!


Also with the new routes! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::+1: They are epic!!!

I also face the same issue, Please help me out here.

Welcome to Zwift forums @Casandra_Beatty :partying_face:

What kind of issues?