Introducing your Zwift Forums Watopia Wayfinders!

Hey Zwifters!

Your community here is outstanding. The amount of interesting discussion, help and support, funny quips and convos, and just overall positivity has really fueled the growth of Zwift Forums. Yeah we had some activity when we first moved to our new home but now that activity has grown exponentially and it’s all thanks to you! It’s ok to pat yourselves on the back, enjoy yourselves :wink:.

Within this community we have noticed certain Zwifters that have been especially active and supportive, lending a helping hand wherever they can and constantly contributing awesomeness to whatever topic they’re apart of. They’ve also followed our Community Guidelines, keeping conversations cordial and on topic.

Introducing your Watopia Wayfinders!


Now these three Zwift Forums veterans will be helping with moderation and lending their expertise, keeping the community running as smooth as ever.

You’ve seen them all around the forums and they’ve been awesome contributors. These Zwifters are Zwift savvy, on the tech side and with in-game knowledge, and they know how to help monitor an online community. We’re more than excited for their help and ecstatic for the continued growth of Zwift Forums! Lets have fun. :sunglasses:

Ride On.
Community Forums Moderator

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