Thank you !

Had a lot of rideons last Zwift academy group ride but this made me think let’s give the people of Zwift and the Academy rideons by liking this post. They are working incredible hard to give us the best routes, training programs and suffering  ;-) .

Don’t forget the servers they are surely having a hard time but they manage it pretty well to handle the crowd joining. It all looks simple, log in and start riding but I’m pretty sure there is a lot of work and thought behind to get it as smooth as possible.

I’m impressed ! 

So : Thank you Zwift team!

new to the area, just getting to know the place.  But, even as a newbie, I can certainly throw a ‘Thank You’ to all who have worked hard to create such a cool place, a place that makes indoor cycling/wko so much more enjoyable.  Props to all you peeps!