Invisible Avatars in Races

Couldnt agree more with this . It is super evident that whilst a catalog of effects might be getting posted there will in the vast majority of cases be a single reason for this . It doesnt take a lot of put 1 and 1 together . We get a load of rider rendering issues when Zwift rolled out a release to implement changes to the rendering functionality. I have however posted very specific issues and effcts on several posts . I only just found this post and think rather than try to divide it all up more tagging this issue here the better to show its a universal impact and 100% the most important think Zwift should be sorting with a high degree of urgency . We want feedback and timelines . I would not neccesarily expect full discloure but test compative results on recent releases and what metrics zwift have on there side before offloading it for users to provide this only , and what about options to beta test fixes , like we have with the recent new AI feature .

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I can only speak for myself but I am sure there are others who analyse many rides with zwiftaliser . Great tool but exactly where would it possibly highlight an issue with a the way client is rendering avatars . This metric is neither logged or stored as far as I could see . Could you ask support to post out some information on what we should look for in the existing log files to determine if it is local or not . Yes network would have a trivial effect here . (its not for I propose the vast majority posting here ) How can your switch on debug level logging on our client so that more meaning ful logs be provided ?

Here is something for people to try that trivially might workaround these issues , but could disprove it is anything but a zwift client/server issue .

Steps to take
When you suspect avatars are not rendering , fan view another rider . Do those avatars now appear
Switch back to me , do those avatars now appear

I havent tested this with cases where 1 rider might be missing for entire event as I havent had a clear case of that … although I did have a case this week in ZRL where I was completely isolated as I rolled across the line in postion 20th , then zwift decided I was 21st in the post race screen . One to investigate

However when groups or large numbers have disappeared on me , doing this results in riders being back in view again .

Log files sent for 02-18-2021 Platinum TTT Socks4Watts AeroUnicorns

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This happened to me on Thursday WTRL ttt and today in the 3R 14:30 est C cat race. Was invisible to other riders and my power analysis is incomplete on zwiftpower.

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An Invisible Avatar is happening to me now with normal riding and races. This all started when I signed up for TDZ Stage 7 makeup. I was thrown out of Stage 7 into a world all by myself. During this ride in the upper right corner of the screen, I was showing as riding TDZ Stage 7 and my placement which was pretty much last for most of the ride, then first for awhile and then somewhere around 5th when I stopped riding. Needless to say, I didn’t get credit for completing Stage 7. My Avatar is now completely invisible to my husband, on all rides and races. I’m also not on his Leaderboard. I don’t get kudos. I do see my avatar and my name on the Leaderboard. I’m using Apple Play.


Same happened to me - iPad 11 and latest version of Zwift app and iOS - did the Uber Prezel with 3905 people and was last - ghosting for the whole 5 hours

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Just to be clear Shuji - I raised a support ticket and no-one asked for a log file. Just waited 5 days and got fobbed off with some ‘standard’ response about checking the stability of my internet connection. While I was waiting the 5 days for a response from Zwift, I un-installed and re-installed the App (I use the Zwift App on my iPad) and it has worked fine after that.

This is definitely a rendering issue. The problem manifested after I had done one of the Tour de Zwift rides (ie a big group event - although I don’t think the group I was in was that big). I don’t know whether it is a co-incidence or not, but the problem has now appeared for one of my teammates, also after doing one of the Tour de Zwift group rides (though again, there wasn’t masses of people in her ride). She still has the problem even after un-installing and re-installing the Apple TV app she uses for Zwift. We are supposed to be racing ZRL tomorrow night, so it’s a major headache for our team as we obviously can’t put someone in a points race if they can’t be seen by other racers.

A formal acknowledgement of the issue at the appropriate level and some communication about what is being done to address the issue would be greatly appreciated. Buried in this forum is of no help to the wider community and particularly to those racing in ZRL and dealing with these frustrations.


I’ve now had this in two races where I was invisible and it was an advantage because I attacked at ~1k and “won”. Subsequently I deleted the app on Apple TV then reinstalled. On Thursday and Saturday, not only was I invisible but other riders glitched between being visible and invisible to me; that made the TTT and Chase Race impossible. I’ve also noticed riders glitching out of races during game play.

So to test whether it could be an equipment or a network issue I loaded the zwift application on an old laptop. I’ve now raced three times without any issues with that setup.

Tonight I did an easy ride around PARIS on ATV and the glitching was back. This is running the current version of ATV on the ATV 4K hardware. Everything is hardwired with 800 up and down network speed and latency 4-6 ms.

I emphasize, it is the same issue you guys had last summer where racers are being placed into “separate identical races”. Someone deep within zwift knows about this. I’m guessing it isn’t a cheap or easy fix, since you guys didn’t rectify last summer. It probably gets at the core of how zwift does world changes.


Same problems for me last week. Invisible avatar both for ordinary group ride and a meet-up ride (confirmed by other riders). Do not know if it has happened other times, but when thinking back I must have. I can draft and chat one to one (but not to all riders). Placeholder on one event was steady as almost last, although moving up and down including in front. Rather frustrating.
I am using AppleTv for Zwift, iPhone for Companion, and iPad for Discord.
Advises appreciated.
Will try to reinstall, also swap to MacBook and iPad to see if that helps.

had issues within ‘Meet Ups’ where you can’t see other riders within it?

We have all accepted and can see our ‘times’ when there is a sprint or KOM however can’t see each other on screen or on the right hand side list?

I have had the opposite when doing recent Tour events - can see riders during tour event but as soon as finished I can no longer see other riders that I follow?

This is not a connectivity issue so presume it must be a glitch that needs fixing


Similar experience yesterday (Sunday) morning masters race .
I was with a group of 15-20 and then riding solo. When I finally saw others 5-6 minutes later the group was nowhere near me.

I mention this here because a rider was commenting before the start he was testing a different version of software having to do with this problem “ghosting”.
At lease I was able to finish the race.
Saturday I blue tooth flatted after 90 minutes of the climbing race, just stopped moving and could not revive myself, total DNF so a disappointing weekend on the platform. It seems to be going downhill the last few months. After a year of this only happening a couple times it seems 1/3 of my rides end with a blue tooth drop or going invisible from the race group.
I am glad outdoor riding is starting for me and hope they can repair zwift for next Winter.
Using 1 year old IPAD,new IPhone XS , H3 Saris and all with the latest softwares.


A friend of mine has the same issue: invisible in two recent meetups from other riders, even being the beacon. Apple TV 4K with latest Zwift app and Tacx NEO Bike. No steering option shown in Zwift.
Any workaround apart from using another device (iPad)?

I experienced this for the first time this morning on a meet up. I was waiting for everyone and could understand why others were ‘there’ on Discord but I was invisible. I couldn’t see others nor could I see the leader board, it was if I was riding totally alone or as a ‘Ghost’ to others. Like others, i am using an Apple TV 4K and Tacx neo 2. I think I have found a fix as an update for the app has cleared it and recently testing it i can now see others on the road, so hopefully I can be seen in the next meet up. From reading the other posts on this topic, Apple TV seems a common denominator.

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Your experience matches mine, including participation in a TdZ group ride just before the invisibility issue began and also the support ‘fob-off’ with “it’s your internet connection, reboot everything and log another ticket if it’s not fixed” - this ignores the fact my set-up has been issue free for 18 months until just now and I can ride a full hour with no visibility drop outs for the other riders in my meet-up (except me) nor any data issues for my own ‘solo’ ride. Zwift should come clean about what they know about this. Subscribers are starting to try other platforms in frustration.

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First time I have had to missing rider , re-appearing rider issue . Interestingly using another laptop to try and rule out the other issues I was having could be either hardware or installation issues.

It is also possible that the particular parcours of the race ( Quatch Quest) that made it more noticeable because there was no grouping it was very much individuals and tiny gruops spread out of the alpe.

So I was very much measuring my efforts to keep a gap on any closing riders so I was very much paying attention and on more than 1 occassion a rider would just appear out of the blue right behind me ! One case a rider went past not showing on the nearby windows at all … but I could see them , they also did not put me down a place when they did pass .

I know this is rather anacdotal +1 and of limited value as a result .Therfore I am going to start to look to video record all my rides if I can . Anyone recommend simple ride recording solutions . If worse some to it I guess I am going to use OBS but thats quite an overhead .

Do you mean the riders who appear/disappear are running AppleTV rather than the viewer . I am pretty sure its not just the later , plenty getting this issue with other hardware. The former might be interesting idea to pursuit .