Intermittent dismounting and remounting on bike at beginning of a race

Hi there

I’m quite new to Zwift and been using it for a month now. I am using a Wattbike Atom connecting to Zwift via a gaming PC with ant+. One thing that keeps happening and I don’t know why is at the beginning of any race where riders line up by the gate, my rider is constantly mounting and dismounting. This only happens when i start pedaling to warm up before the race starts. Everyone else around me is either pedaling constantly or dismounted. As soon as i start pedaling my cyclist mounts then dismounts every 5 -8 seconds and repeats this until the gate drops and the race starts.

Can anyone tell me why this is happening and if it’s normal or if I have a connection or pairing issue? It doesn’t do it anywhere else on Zwift but I’m noticing a lot of drop offs when I do FTP tests in erg mode and I’m wandering if the two are linked?

Any help would be appreciated.


It is not just you. It happens for a lot of riders., including me. Nothing to be scared of.
I can’t help you on your FTP problems.

Ok cheers Ole.

One cause might be a flaky wireless connection between the Wattbike and your PC.

Does the Wattbike give you the option to connect via Bluetooth LE instead of ANT+? If so, you might try that.

Here is a link that shows it is happening to others as well: Constant unclip in race start pen


It happen to a lot of us, I think it is a visual thing. It has not impacted any of my rides once out of the pen.