Constant unclip in race start pen

Last 2 races I did my avatar keeps unclipping from the pedals and then clipping in and starting to pedal again while warming up in the start pen. Everywhere else is fine, just in the start pen it does this. While in the pen my cadence shows pretty constant and power is fine as well (while I’m warming up) Just the avatar keeps unclipping then clipping back in. Last race was the SZR itt tonight.

Same here. Has been happening for over a week. I thought it was amusing, if a little off-putting.

I caught a brief video of it last week:

Mine does the same it appears to not have a lefthand pedal, but the cadence and power is showing.

I notice the problem only occurs at a cadence below 60 rpm.

Edited 10/16: I meant to say that in my experience it only occurs at a cadence above 60 rpm.

I was sitting around constant 85-90 cadence and it still happened. For reference I’m using a separate cadence sensor on ANT+. No issues during normal riding or in the race.

Hi - when I am waiting at the start line for an event, I am constantly slipping out of my pedal on the screen. This happens at all events I join. I do see other people slipping out from time to time but mine is repeated, almost every 3 seconds. I am not sure why. I am just warming up and pedaling at a steady RPM.

Thanks. It’s not the greatest for the confidence at the start line to watch myself slipping out repeatedly!


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I added a bug request for the same. It’s happening to a few people.

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Sorry, I meant to say that in my experience it only happens above 60 rpm.

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Same issue here! It started out of nowhere a few weeks ago.

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Same here. Started about a week ago. Does not seem to happen below 60-ish Watts. Not sure if it is trainer related but in my case it is on a 2017 Wahoo KICKR. Tried ANT and Bluetooth connectivity, iPad and PC. Same behavior. Does not appear to impact rides as far as I can tell but really annoying before the start.

Same issue here. Still able to join the race (or workout) but time and kms both remain “zero” till the end of each session. Really annoying. A late work out start will solve the problem temporary. But …

Same here, left pedal keeps unclipping. Doesn’t seem to affect the riding or warmup, it’s just annoying.

Same here, not sure that it means anything but still wondering what’s going on. Started happening once I moved from iPad OS to 4K Apple TV. I don’t think it’s affecting my wattage once the ride starts, but a bit disconcerting.

What trainer is everybody using?The random unclipping does bot seem to impact everybody but it appears to be a decent number of riders before the start. It happens to me every couple of seconds. I am using a Wahoo KICKR 2017

Her constant unclipping looked so not pro. I just noticed the same glitch.
2018 Kickr, iPad, Bluetooth

Same happening to me the last few weeks. 2018 kickr core and iPad!

Same thing here. Apple TV/ Tacx neo2

For reference, I’m on PC (laptop) using ANT+ USB and a Tacx Flux.

I added a support request. Reply below:

"Hi ,

Thank you for the feedback!

I’ve passed it on to the dev team if they need anything they will be in contact with you.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Ride On."

So I guess they will look into it at Zwift.

Same here, only annoying. But today at racing I found the camera rocking back and forth all the time, on all views. Swapped keyboards to see if something from there but nope.

Got kind of seasick during the ride. Hope they fix that. Tacx Neo, Tax Ant+ Antenna, Win10

Did you press the number “1” to bring the camera back to third person view?