Constant unclip in race start pen

Update:power related! Just went to watopia “just watch” and find the side view static with power supply attached and swaying as soon as I unplug power. Getting static again when plugged in

Swaying/rocking camera is new, unclipping has been around for quite some time. Tacx Neo is latest firmware says servicing app.

Kickr 2018 for me.

I also have this issue for the last few weeks.
A real annoyance while waiting in the pen to start each race.
Also happens on a TT (Tick-tock course) with no real Pen.
I have no other technical issues.
Wifi signal speed/strength is excellent, and router is very close to laptop.
My Trainer is: Tacx Neo2
Laptop Windows 10.

Me too. Stages Ant+ Win 10.

The unclipping is fixed in the latest iOS update (1.0.42345) that came out yesterday, so presumably if it’s still unfixed in other versions it will be fixed soon.

Does anyone know if it is also fixed in the Windows version? The constant unclipping before starts has been extremely annoying!

It was still happening last night for me, using PC, Windows 7 Pro with Hammer 2 trainer

Still happening to me since latest iOS update!

Still broken in 1.0.42345 released 3 days ago on iOS and the distance to go counter in events is still broken as well.

This happens to me too. Everything is up to date to the latest software/firmware.

Apple TV 4th Gen
Kickr Core

Tried reinstalling apps and calibrating the trainer but still no luck. It’s very off putting and I also sense a power issue when riding (but can’t prove it yet).