Wattbike not working during races

Wattbike Atom is working absolutely fine during training rides and workouts, but as soon as a race starts the gears aren’t responding when you press the shifters. (Even when entering directly from a free ride in which the gears were working perfectly.)

Sometimes after a lag the resistance will briefly increase but then drop again and it’s impossible to get over ~300W… just end up spinning out at 100 rpm and wattage drops to 100W or so. This has been happening repeatedly over a period of weeks. Not every single race, but most. Have restarted bike, restarted laptop etc.

Using Wattbike Atom, Windows laptop and USB ANT+ (via cable to position close to bike).

Help would be greatly appreciated… this is incredibly frustrating.

(NB latest occurence was on my partner’s account.)

Is firmware up to date? Have you tried pairing via Bluetooth through the Companion app or directly to the laptop to see if it behaves differently?

Thanks Paul,

Wattbike firmware is up to date (have checked frequently as a result of this issue).

Ths issue re-occured (immediately) last night when trying to ride with a pace partner, so I took the opportunity to test a few things as suggested. Switching to bluetooth didn’t solve it, nor did bluetooth via the companion app (on iPhone if relevant).

Bluetooth does allow you to see the virtual ‘gears’ you are in though, which showed that I was definitely moving up the gears when pressing the shifter, but just ‘spinning out’ even in top gear (and my legs really aren’t that strong!)

The issue eventually went away after I unpaired everything, rebooted the wattbike, and re-connected via ANT+. (Rebooting the laptop didn’t solve it).

So maybe it’s a wattbike thing, though we’ve never seen it when controlling the wattbike with it’s own app (though that doesn’t involve half the compexity of group riding on zwift - inclines, drafting, etc.)

Any further suggestions welcome - would really like to get it working first time, as we’re keen to use the bike for racing, etc.

Are you using the Beta firmware on the Atom? If so, try using the standard firmware just to rule that out…