Help needed! Basic Coospo Speed/Cadence Sensor Issue

Hi all,

After a summer away from Zwift I’m trying to get back into online cycling but am having issues with my speed and cadence sensors.

I’m using a basic coospo speed and cadence sensor and all is good as both are picked up on the pairing screen, however the speed is showing far too low, the watts in game are next to nothing but the cadence appears at least double what I would be expecting to see, maybe even 3 times the amount.

I’ve never had any issue with it before and assume it’s where I’ve not fitted the sensors back on where they should be but it all appears fine. Please help me if you can.

As far as I can see the magnet on the wheel is close to the speed sensor as it passes and the other area is also very close to it as the pedal goes round.
I hope it’s an easy fix somewhere??

Thank you all!


You have your sensor back to front, The big one is for cadence and the other for speed.



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Thank you Gerrie. I feel incredibly stupid now!!
Thanks for your help

How do you think I knew it was wrong, because I did it before… LOL


I have a similar issue with the CooSpo CK8 speed/cadence sensor however I have confirmed that it is installed correctly (cadence by crank, speed closer to rear hub). It connects with ANT+ dongle and BLE ; I’ve selected the ANT+ one after ‘waking up the sensor’. However after about 5 minutes into the Workout, the speed drops to zero resulting in the Zwift ride ending prematurely. This has happened twice. Any ideas appreciated… Thanks.