CooSpo Speed and Cadence Sensor not working?

Hi all!
I am a new user and I am hoping to get into Zwift but with a basic setup.
Currently using Jetblack Z1 Fluid Trainer + CooSpo BK8 speed and cadence sensor.
However, I can’t connect it to Zwift and I am seeking some guidance. Here are some scenarios that I encountered.

  1. Zwift on PC, BLE enabled and connected to CooSpo, but sign showed “No Signal”.
    Hence, I clicked the “Unpair”.
  2. Zwift on PC, BLE enabled, but cannot connect to CooSpo anymore.
  3. Zwift Companion on Android, BLUE enabled, also cannot connect to CooSpo.

All these time I was pedalling on the bike too.

If this ultimately proves to be a hardware issue, can I get some recommendations for an inexpensive sensor? (inexpensive is relatively so I’ll say <$20)

Looking forward to your responses.

Thank you!

TL;DR cheap sensor not working, please send help

Hi @Low_Yu_Xuan welcome to Zwift forums.

I have never used the CooSpo sensor personally, but we have two threads about it.

On this one, the person had installed the sensor backwards on the bike.

On the second one, the sensor apparently died an early death.

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