Moofit Speed


I am using a Moofit speed and cadence sensor…newbie…

I have connected them up to the zwift APP. Cadence is picking up RPM Fine, speed however is stuck on Zero. Any ideas? I have it set up on my rear wheel axle, using BTwin 100 trainer?


Need more details on how you’re connecting them and what devices you are using for the app.

Looks like others have had an issue with this type of sensor. It could be a case of buy cheap buy twice I’m afraid.

What is the recommended manufacturer/brand of sensors (speed and cadence) that are fully compatible with the ZWIFT app? Didn’t get the MOOFIT speed sensor to work and looking for a “better” sensor pair.

Hi @go4java, welcome to the forums!

I’ve used the Wahoo Blue SC in the past, they have other styles too that go on the rear hub that work just as well. I would stick to a name brand that you know and trust.

I’m using these on an indoor bike, they are working fine – I’d just double check to make sure the S- and C- are connected correctly with speed and cadence. I’m just trying to figure how to calibrate the resistance to make it more/as close to outdoor riding

I ran in to the same issue, and the fix is to manually enter the wheel circumference in the speed sensor’s settings in any app or ANT+/BLE bike computer that you are using.