Wrong speed with Moofit speed sensor

Hello everyone, I’m new here. I would love to join the many zwift users but I have trouble with my speed sensor (no trouble with the cadence sensor). Non of the listed devices is compatible and what I get at the most is 5 Km/h when I’m biking with a average speed of 23 (what I’m reading on the bike). I’m using Moofit sensors. Is there a possibility to calibrate my real speed within the app, or I have to give it up? Thanks

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We will need a bit more information.

What Trainer are u using?

Please be aware that the speed you are seeing in Zwift vs the speed you are seeing IRL (in real life) will hardly ever match. The speed sensor doesn’t know what is happening in the virtual world like going up a hill on Zwift. Gradient changes on Zwift will slow down the avatar, but your speed sensor will continue to read as if it is a flat road. I assume you have a classic trainer, not a smart trainer, so you won’t feel changes in gradient either.

I don’t have any trainer, I just have a home bike for training, very simple

Thanks for your reply. I think the sensor is the trouble. With my biggest effort, I only see a power of 20W, can’t be

like a spin bike? How did you mount the speed sensor?

Yes it is a spin bike. Unfortunately, there was no choice but putting on the only point was possible, the center of the axis of the pedals.

and it is supposed to go on the wheel’s hub right? Unfortunately most spin bikes aren’t compatible with speed sensors due to their design and heavy front fly wheel. Zwift works best with a “regular” road bike and a trainer (smart trainer if you can afford one).

It might be possible to fit a power meter on the spin bike, or power meter pedals, but that starts to get expensive. For a similar cost you can probably find a slightly used smart trainer, if you have a bike that could be used already too. The Zwift Hub trainer is a great value for $499 if available in your country. A smart trainer is a much better experience, the resistance will change automatically as you go up and down hills, has accurate power for racing and training, etc…

I thought so also. I will think about it.
Thanks for your quick replying!

When you pair a speed sensor, you should be prompted to pick a wheel size. If you choose a larger wheel size, you will go faster in the game because larger diameter means more distance per revolution of the wheel.

it’s not attached to his wheel though, I think that is the problem here.

The same advice applies. It just might not help enough to get a good experience. If it’s possible to affix it to the wheel near the hub that would certainly be better. Some people attach them to the wheel with glue or adhesive tape. Given the size and rotational speed of a flywheel, it might require reducing the wheel size if it can be attached there.

As a side note, with a Spinning bike you will never get the correct speed.

Thanks everyone for the advices. I will give some tries to get some more speed.