Moofit speed/cadence sensor not detected

I’m trying to get started with Zwift, went out and bought these MOOFIT speed & cadence sensors off amazon. Reviews said they work with Zwift, but I’m not getting them to show up in the pairing list. The little ANT+ icon is flashing away, I’m pedaling away and no joy. When i pop the battery cover and reseat it, the LED inside the sensors light up, showing that they have power etc. What am I missing?

Side note, but can’t see how this might be related: discovered my older onboard intel graphics needs to be upgraded, so I’ll be buying a new graphics card, but can’t imagine that would prevent sensor pairing.

Hi @Joe_Forster, welcome to the Zwift forums!

Sounds like you are using a PC, with windows 10 I assume, and trying to pair with ANT+ not bluetooth. Do you have the ANT+ dongle on a USB extension cable so it is as close as possible to the bike?

What trainer are you using?


Actually using windows 7. Aside from the onboard graphics being too old, all other minimum requirements are exceeded

I am using the ant+ dongle with extension usb cable to put it within 2’ of the sensors.

Cycleops fluid 2 trainer

does windows 7 support the ANT+ dongle? Maybe the drivers need to be updated in windows?

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All updated and working properly.

I’m to the point where I am doubting the MOOFIT works with Zwift, despite the amazon “user reviews”

The MOOFIT speed & cadence sensors seems to be dual band so you could use the Zwift Companion App to bridge the Bluetooth signal to the Zwift App running on your Win7 PC.

Make sure that the device that is running the ZCA and the Zwift App are connected to the same router since the connection is over your local network.

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Thanks, I will try that tonight after work.

Update forthcoming

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I believe I was sold duds. Bluetooth won’t detect either sensor. Tried searching via strava and the bluetooth menu thru settings. Gonna order some namebrand sensors and give it another go. Thanks for the help though.