Pairing issues

Hi. Really struggling at the moment. Zwift cannot pair/cannot find my CooSpo. I’ve tried both the Bluetooth and the Companion options.

I am using:

  • CooSpo Cadence and Speed Sensor Cycling RPM Sensor Bluetooth ANT+
  • A normal mountain bike
  • Tacx Boost Turbo Trainer
  • An Acer E5-511 laptop (this is quite an old l/top but I have managed to install Zwift on it)
  • A Samsung Galaxy J6+ mobile phone (Zwift is not compatible with this but I have installed the Zwift Companion)

Any help would be most appreciated



Do you have the latest CooSpoo drivers? Get them here.

or is it the old laptop with old bluetooth drivers?

I used to use that set up, I’m assuming it is the magnet and sensor set up.
Make sure battery is good.
I suspect the issue may be related to your sensor and magnet.
The spacing between the wheel and the frame tends to be a lot more on a MTB vs a road bike.
You may need to move sensor closer or get a speed sensor that attaches to the hub of the wheel.
I think you could still use the old one for cadence

Thank you for all the replies. I’m going to show the height of technical ignorance as I plod on.
Regarding the CooSpo drivers link, I don’t know how/what to download when I extract all the Zip folders. It talks about USB driver update but I don’t have a USB dongle? Just a complete novice here.
On my mobile Bluetooth setting under Coospo it says “an app is needed to use this device”.

My bad, Samuel. I thought you were talking about the CooSpo Ant+ dongle.

Which CooSpo speed and cadence sensor do you have?

Hi. It’s the Coospo BK8

Have you downloaded the CooSpo app called Coospo Ride app to your phone? Let’s start and make sure the BK8 is functioning. Next is your laptop upgraded to latest version of Windows it is capable of handling?

Did some more research about the BK8 I see it is Bluetooth Smart. Here is how you check if your notebook is Bluetooth Smart capable.

How to check if your device is Bluetooth Smart Ready:


  1. Search for “Device Manager” from your Windows start screen
  2. Select “Device Manager”
  3. Select " Bluetooth "
  4. If the description says “Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator” then your device is Bluetooth Smart Ready.