CooSpo Cycling Cadence Stopped Connecting

Hey folks - I installed the basic CooSpo Cycling Cadence sensor and had no issues for a week. This AM, I cannot get it to connect. I checked/replaced the battery and it lights up as it is supposed to, but then it won’t connect. I cannot find anything online and CooSpo has no support. They basically just tell you to send it back when you leave a review on Amazon.

So if it’s junk, that’s fine. Any recos for something basic would be appreciated. I typically just ride indoors and use Zwift for colder days or when my schedule is really tight, but prefer to ride outside most of the year.

Thank you.

Weird that it used to connect, then stopped. Would you check something?

A sensor can connect via Bluetooth either 1) to your device like you’d connect bluetooth earbuds, or 2) to the Zwift app only. You want 2.

If it’s 1, remove it from your list of stored Bluetooth devices.

Thanks, but it’s not even being recognized by my device or the app anymore. It lights up as it is supposed to, but the best way to describe it is that it’s not giving off a signal anymore.

It cost $20 and ratings are mixed so I assume it’s just a bad device and needs to be replaced. However, I’d rather spend like $50 and have something that works correctly. If that’s Garmin or Wahoo, any advice would be appreciated. I got it just for these indoor Zwift rides, but would most likely use them for outdoor tracking as well.

Thank you.

Sorry to hear that. I have no experience with the CooSpo device, so can’t offer further insight.

There’s a list of popular speed / cadence sensors on I personally would want the versatility of one that broadcasts both in Bluetooth and ANT+, but that may come at a higher cost.