CooSpo Speed and Cadence Sensor not working?

Hi all!
I am a new user and I am hoping to get into Zwift but with a basic setup.
Currently using Jetblack Z1 Fluid Trainer + CooSpo BK8 speed and cadence sensor.
However, I can’t connect it to Zwift and I am seeking some guidance. Here are some scenarios that I encountered.

  1. Zwift on PC, BLE enabled and connected to CooSpo, but sign showed “No Signal”.
    Hence, I clicked the “Unpair”.
  2. Zwift on PC, BLE enabled, but cannot connect to CooSpo anymore.
  3. Zwift Companion on Android, BLUE enabled, also cannot connect to CooSpo.

All these time I was pedalling on the bike too.

If this ultimately proves to be a hardware issue, can I get some recommendations for an inexpensive sensor? (inexpensive is relatively so I’ll say <$20)

Looking forward to your responses.

Thank you!

TL;DR cheap sensor not working, please send help

Hi @Low_Yu_Xuan welcome to Zwift forums.

I have never used the CooSpo sensor personally, but we have two threads about it.

On this one, the person had installed the sensor backwards on the bike.

On the second one, the sensor apparently died an early death.

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Hi Low, I have the same CooSpo Speed Sensor (BLE/ANT+) which I finally got connected.
So I got past the No Signal issue but in my case the sensor stopped working (after five minutes) on two occasions so couldn’t complete my ride. However, I had connected using ANT+ (not BLE) so perhaps you could try that (if you have an ANT+ dongle which costs about $20) . In my case, I’m now going to unplug the ANT+ and instead try the BLE connection. I will report back on my findings. I’m disappointed as the CooSpo promises so much! Nigel

I used to use a CooSpoo speed/cadence sensor.
Usually worked good unless the battery was getting weak.
Always try a new battery no matter how new you think the battery is.
I bought a batch of batteries and 3 0r 4 out of the 10 were dead out of the package.
Boughy real cheap from Amazon or Ebay.
Now, I pay more but just get 2-4 at a time from the local store.
Ant+ always seems to be less of a head ache.
Ant+ seems to work better as the battery is getting weaker or cold.

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I have notifed a similar problem with several HR sensor brands, including my CooSpo H6. The problem appears in the game. It shows connected (bluetooth) but no signal. On initial conmection the HR value appears, but soon the No Signal message appears. Afterwards, I can test the sensor in the Wahoo utility app and the HR is received. So why would Zwift “connect” but not recieve a value, yet later I can? The battery has over 3.00 volts. I feel like there is a hardware or firmware issue. Then on outdoor rides I can connect the Coospo to my Garmin (Ant+) and the HR is received. My AppleTV does not accept ANT+ so Indoors I am all bluetooth.