Hammer connectivity issues


(Cougars Claws5338) #1

I’m experiencing connectivity issues with my Hammer currently. It only connects to a blinking blue dot but I never get a consistent blue dot on the Hammer. So I guess that this might be the reason why it doesn’t change resistance in Zwift? I never experience this when I connect my Hammer to my Zwift on Windows. It only appears when I connect it to my Huawei Mediapad M5. Both systems are uptodate. I also tried this idea: Cycleops magnus resistance
but I couldn’t solve the problem.
Would you have any ideas what I can do to control my trainer on my Mediapad as well?
Thanks in advance,

(Nigel Doyle) #2

Maybe your Hammer is paired to another device? Blue blinking is the Hammer is connected to a Bluetooth device but is not being controlled. Solid is it’s being controlled. Have you got the Hammer paired as a controllable trainer on the pairing screen.

(Cougars Claws5338) #3

Hi Nigel,

thanks for your reply. The Hammer should only be paired to my Mediapad. It is connected as controllable trainer on the pairing screen as you can see in the pic attached.

Thanks in advance for your help!



(Nigel Doyle) #4

Probably time for a support ticket with Zwift.

(Cougars Claws5338) #5

I’ll give that a try and keep you posted about their reply. Thanks again!

(Robert Carpenter) #6

Hello. I am experiencing the same issue with resistance on my Hammer. It works fine over Apple TV 4K, but the past 2 days I wanted to try the Android app on my Samsung Galaxy S9. Everything works and connects; it just doesn’t change the resistance.

(Cougars Claws5338) #7


still same issue here but somebody from Zwift is already working on it and as soon as I’ll get some feedback, I’ll let you know.

Cheers from Austria,