Trainer Difficulty Level Cycleops Hammer

Hi, I have a Cyclops Hammer and even with the trainer difficulty level set to 100% I feel no extra resistance on hills.

I’d appreciate any help.



No problems for me with my Hammer with Zwift apart from a 3-4 second lag changing resistance to match the terrain (other Hammer owners get this as well). On the pairing screen have you got it paired as a controllable trainer and also as the power source? Also set the difficulty to 50% (The default) on the settings screen.


Hello David.

Beyond making sure the trainer is actually paired as Controllable. Could you try pairing your trainer via ANT+ vs BLE, see if that solves the issue.

If it doesn’t let us know and we will open a support case to further investigate with logs. 

David, let us know how you get on with your Hammer trainer/zwift experience - I’d love something like that since I’m officially a zwift junkie now.


I also own a hammer and Zwfit doesn’t to be able to control its resistance over BLE… only when I connect via ANT+ FC-E that the resistance changes with the hills incline. Not sure if that’s because I was also connected to it via bluethooth on cycleops app to calibrate it.

Gustavo. It’s best to exit the Cycleops app. With Bluetooth you can only connect to one device at a time. Ant+ broadcasts to everything within range.

The problem was related to the bluetooth on my older mac. I tried it with the ap on my new iphone and it worked great. I’m sure it will work with an ant+ stick.