Resistance too hard

Im trying to use my new CycleOps Hammer with Zwift. When I try to ride around (not in workout mode) the resistance is ridiculously hard. I have to be in my easiest gear just to turn the pedals on a flat. This is with the trainer difficulty set to 50%. I’ve tried using the Hammer as the power source vs my P1s. Ive tried switching between Bluetooth and ANT+. Both my Hammer and P1s are calibrated and up to date. The Hammer works perfectly fine on TrainerRoad. Any other suggestions?

Are you doing your spindowns with the Rouvy app? I also have a Hammer. I have difficulty set to 40%. Riding on the flat I would generally be in the big chainring. This works well in most situations as it allows me to put out some power on downhills (for racing). At 100% I find the resistance is harder on the same gradient as in real life.

I have a different turbo (a KICKR SNAP) but this may help.

I find I have to switch the device off at the wall after using the Wahoo App to do the spin down, prior to re-connecting with Zwift… it’s like the trainer just gets ‘stuck’ on a stiff gradient.

I did the spin down through the Rouvy app, yes. I changed the difficulty on Zwift all the way to zero, but that just changes the difficulty on hills. On flats I’m still stuck in my easiest 2-3 gears to have a cadence over 80. On the road I’m usually only in the small ring for hills and big ring for flats.

Time for a support ticket with Zwift and or Cycleops. Something isn’t right with your trainer.