Cycleops Hammer 2 Power Way Off

I’ve been using the Hammer 2 for a few years with Zwift. It’s set up for my old quick release 10 speed. This season, the power feels about 30% harder than it should. I have conducted the coastdown procedure hot and cold, updated the firmware, etc. But power readings that should be reasonably comfortable for me are quickly wearing me out. I know my power well because I have 3 power meters on my various bikes.

It seems like there is a fundamental issue with the power meter itself. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I’d double check the unit against one of my bikes, but that would require converting to thru-axle and 12 speed. That may be the only option, however.

Borrow a PM from a friend and do a proper comparison.

Use the Saris app to calibrate.

the OP said he has 3 power meters on his other bikes… I assume he could use one or two of those to compare, or already has.

another option, use the power meter for Zwift and just pair the H2 as “resistance”

I saw that.


Thinking if he can’t convert to thru-axle

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Well, I’m embarrassed to say the trainer is accurate. The last time I was riding with consistency, my FTP was up to 210 Watts. Then I had some medical problems that kept me off the bike for a year. I have had times where I’ve dropped cycling for a while, but have always come back with reasonable power. Seems age is making it tougher.

I rode some 2 minute efforts at 160 Watts on my road bike today just to calibrate the effort on the trainer. Depressingly, the effort is the same. I guess the conclusion here is that I’m, sadly, way out of shape. So the efforts are hard on the trainer because my mental calibration is off from my current reality.

Onward! Many miles to get back where I was!


Good luck Juston.

It may take a bit of time but it is worth it.

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Yep, thanks. I’ve had many times over my cycling “career” where I’ve taken breaks from the bike. Usually I can come back with an FTP of 175 watts even after a long stint. So coming back with an FTP of 140 watts, which is incredibly low, is new/surprising/humbling. Probably has to do with getting late 40s.

Anyway, nothing to do except crank at the miles. I have BWR in Canada this September, so training has to get pretty intense soon.

Thanks for the replies, all.