Wattage Seems Inaccurate - (Much Harder)


I have been riding on Zwift for a couple weeks so i decided to do a calibration aka the Spin Down - ever since that it seems to be much harder (unless i am really tired)  - is this a known issue???

What smart trainer are you using? If it’s a Cycleops did you also try in Rouvy? If you also have a gamin or some other head unit does your speed on those approximate your new speed/power on Zwift.
I know with the Cycleops Magnus the trainer tension on the wheel can make a big difference in the game power. I guess we can add that to the weight dopers in zwift. (Tension dopers)


If your trainer was miscalibrated before, the ride being harder now isn’t out of the question.Have you calibrated since then? 

I noticed the same thing on my Wahoo KickR SNAP, starting from Jan, 30.

In my case I didn’t do a calibration before the workout but it still felt much harder than a few days before.

I’ve recalibrated several times hoping it would solve the issue.

I’m still not sure if it’s a technical issue or if I’m just tired !

Which trainer are you using ?