Watts were fine now?

(Brandi Rae) #1

Hi! Im new to zwift and im obsessed I love it. I’ve been researching and riding lots. Last night I rode the London course and ended up doing 630m climbing. Part way through I decided to change my trainer difficulty from 50 to maybe 65% just to see the feel. I also had tire slippage so I increased the tension. I have the smart control kinetic road machine. After that my watts were low. On flats I could maintain around 185watts or more and now 135 and it doesn’t feel like a walk in the park. My watts fell to 85 90??? I’m not a weak rider nor am I crazy strong but I keep up with the men if not beat them on real road rides.

I calibrated spin down through kinetic. Do you think changing either the trainer difficulty or the tension on the wheel messed it up??


(Nigel ) #2

Changing the tension would make things harder. You need to do a spindown calibration after changing the tension to recalibrate your trainer.

(Brandi Rae) #3

Thanks so much!!! You made my night! I was so discouraged after I did that and saw my watts tank. I did do a calibration post ride but haven’t tried it yet since yesterday. Do you recommend taking the tension off the wheel and calibrating every ride?

(Nigel ) #4

Yes, after every ride you should release the tension. Then every ride check the tyre pressure. It’s normal on wheel on smart trainers to inflate to 110 - 120 psi or whatever the maximum printed on the side is. This cuts down wear. It’s desirable on a wheel on trainer to do a spindown every ride but you can probably get away with doing one every couple of days. Keep the tension and tyre pressure the same.

Have fun :slight_smile:

(Brandi Rae) #5

That’s great thanks so much for your info!!! I’m really loving it so far!!! So much fun. I joined the tour de zwift so that should be fun.

Cheers! Thanks again.

See you out there!