Getting "No Signal" right after connecting


I have the same problem:
Zwift app on my android don’t find my kinetic road trainer smart. I’m unable to ride.
Zwift app only find my Viiiva heart rate sensor.

My android find the trainer via bluetooth, and the Kinetic app also find it.

I also have a Iphone and it also finds the trainer and works well.

So i think the problem is in the Android Zwift app.

Do you have a solution for this?

Hi Nicholas.

Can you please paste here the workaround?


I use a diamondback fitness 1260sc spin bike. I purchased the bike in january ‘20 and rode thru almost all of February without any problems and now have the same issue of being able to connect but getting no signal. This is only when using the Apple TV app. Waited for the month of March to see if there was any resolve but I still have an issue.

I am able to connect to the iPhone app without issue as well as other Apple TV training apps (Rouvy, Fulgaz) without any issue. This leads me to believe it is not the bike.