Getting "No Signal" right after connecting


I have the same problem:
Zwift app on my android don’t find my kinetic road trainer smart. I’m unable to ride.
Zwift app only find my Viiiva heart rate sensor.

My android find the trainer via bluetooth, and the Kinetic app also find it.

I also have a Iphone and it also finds the trainer and works well.

So i think the problem is in the Android Zwift app.

Do you have a solution for this?

Hi Nicholas.

Can you please paste here the workaround?


I use a diamondback fitness 1260sc spin bike. I purchased the bike in january ‘20 and rode thru almost all of February without any problems and now have the same issue of being able to connect but getting no signal. This is only when using the Apple TV app. Waited for the month of March to see if there was any resolve but I still have an issue.

I am able to connect to the iPhone app without issue as well as other Apple TV training apps (Rouvy, Fulgaz) without any issue. This leads me to believe it is not the bike.


I think I found a workaround

I have a Kinetic Control trainer and could run Zwift off my iPad no problem, I only had the “no signal” issue (after pairing then riding for appx 10 seconds) when riding using the Windows program.

I was able to get it working by going into Paired Devices then selecting the settings wheel on the top right and choosing “Use Zwift Companion” while having the companion app loaded on my iPad.

Hope this helps someone

So glad I joined up with zwift :rage: it’s cost me a small fortune. I have a Tacx flux s which finally works with zwift rather than the whole host of problems I had with a dumb trainer. Now to encounter my Garmin dual ( brand new) HR monitor pairs on the control board within zwift but no signal :man_shrugging:t2:
Please someone help relieve me of this emotional turmoil . Tried running it through both the options on my ( brand new) laptop companion app and internal Bluetooth with the same outcome … no signal on a connected HR monitor.
When I turn everything off and just try pairing to I phone or Garmin edge device or laptop independently , HR device connects ? Soon as I try put it through zwift … :man_shrugging:t2: Same bloody problem :exploding_head:

using the kickr connected to a laptop. all the sensors are working fine for a month. the past week, the tickr heart rate monitor is giving me alot problems. the HRM connects to zwift and then indicates no signal. i have changed a new battery, resetted the HRM, ensure no other devices are connected to it. even reinstalled zwift on the laptop. the HRM is working fine as i can connect to the wahoo app to check if there is any updates required and it indicates that it is reading ok. just end up zwifting withtout a heartrate montior. didnt spend big money to feel this fustrated.

Turning off one drive just fixed the NO SIGNAL issue for me…

I has spent hours trying to figure this one out.
Never did it occur to me this would be the problem.


One drive as the cloud service from Microsoft?? Disabling it?

Actually that worked once.
I think the main issue is connecting to a Bluetooth Low Energy driver.
Not the regular Bluetooth driver.

I gave up on trying to use my Galaxy Watch 3 to Windows 10 Laptop.
I went out and bought a Wahoo Arm Band heart rate monitor.
Works much better.

so by using the wahoo arm band HR you managed to get consistent readings on the HR? No more dropping signal or No Signal error?

Yes… it has been working great…
Connecting to zwift on windows 10.
Updated drivers and os as much as possible.

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Ok folks, today I ran out and bought another HRM strap, those Chinese made one, Magene. Came back and try it and without me knowing it, my laptop connect to my router at 5ghz channel. It worked !!! Upon realizing it, I tried my other HRM and it works too!! I havent start training yet ,only connect the HRM to my laptop (windows 10). It has been reading consistently and compared to my watch, it measure around the same heart rate +/- 3bpm.

So for those of you that have dual channel router, try connecting it to 5ghz instead of 2.4ghz. I will report back once I’m done training today and see if it can maintain the reading without dropouts. For those that is looking to train, appreciate if you could try this and report back the findings.

Good luck

PS. I posted this on the other thread as well