Gear Display for all smart bikes

Ahh man this feature would be amazing!

have a sweat V thingy between saddle and steer and cant see my gears at all.

Any @Zwift person (@shooj ?) who can respond to feature-request if this is somewhere on a backlog ?:wink: or if it isn’t ofcourse :woozy_face:

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With the leaking of the ZCog or whatever its call (Virtual Shifting and Gearing on Zwift: Looking at Recent Patent Applications | Zwift Insider)

I can’t see (sadly) Zwift even spending 10mins on fixing current bikes - now they have their own solution (and with it another unique selling point) - as much as I would love support for my SB20 for gearing info.

Hoping Zwift prove me wrong thou!

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Until Zwift does that - this thread may be beneficial -


Just to keep this going.

@xflintx @shooj With the new found partnership with Wahoo and bundled Zwift etc and the new Kickr Shift bike from Wahoo that has no ability to display gears, is the ability to see gears in game like other smart bikes imminent?

Please, please add this to the game.

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It’s possible, but not imminent. The ways that different trainer brands broadcast gear shift data is not as standardized across the industry as the more foundational power, control, and cadence data signals. Adding the feature you’re asking for is is an ad hoc process for each of our third party trainer partners whose close collaboration is required.

We hear you and would like to deliver this useful functionality, but please allow us the time it requires.


Thanks for replying but I think this is disingenuous and misleading.

See this thread Kickr bike display

This has been implemented with an esp32 and some simple code in Arduino. This didn’t require any collaboration with wahoo yet alone close collaboration.

Furthermore someone in that thread has been able to pick up the signal from a Kickr Bike and pass on to S4Z.

I’ve bought a TTGO put the code in it and it shows me my gears. Again no collaboration was required.

You are trying to make it sound difficult to excuse not doing it.


To be fair, though, the TTGO is just intercepting the Bluetooth signal from the KICKR BIKE.
If you pair the KICKR BIKE to Zwift using ANT+ or DirCon, you won’t get the gear display.
If your Zwift machine does not have Bluetooth, you won’t get the gear display.

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That’s not really the point as steering works the same on KICKR bike (with bluetooth not with Ant) so these quirks already exist.

if Zwift is paired with the KICKRBike, it is trivial for it to also listen for the brakes & gears (& incline lock status).

Its all in the github(s) Jamie pointed to above.

At this point it is copy & pasting the uuid’s to listen for - copy & pasting the conversion from the data received to “human readable” - and add it to the existing code for gear display.

As a dev I understand some things look easier/harder to lay people than they are in coding terms, but in this instance it really isn’t - probably 20 lines of code maximum - an afternoon’s work.


Yes please, obviously the gears are priority since the towel and so on but otherwise brakes for the jungle - I want to change bikes without resorting to “pairing screen”.
That makes sense especially with Hub One and virtual gear changes. Just streamline the info display.

Well zwift just put the Kickr Shift in their online shop so you’d think that they must be about to display the great information - I hope so :pray:

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Bringing this back from the dead.

Any news on when or whether we’ll see Kickr Bike gear display on HUD?

Such a long and overdue feature IMO.

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No news…