Garmin HRM no signal [SOLVED]

Bluetooth will only properly connect to one device. You need to unpair the Bluetooth device from everything. Any device that has Bluetooth, unpair the HRM from it, or turn off the other devices. If you can use ant+ use that as it’s much better in most peoples opinion. Unpair it from zwift and then reconnect it. Take the battery out of the HRM for a bit and put it back in. Try using the companion app as a bridge if need be. For a bit of basics on connecting see

And for the difference between ant and bluetooth

I have the same issue trying to connect to Zwift on my iPad. New Garmin dual HRM, worked fine for a few days till a few days ago. Tried unpairing the HRM from everything but still “No Signal”. It works perfectly fine on my iPhone 11 but I usually have the Companion app running on that. I’ve switched off Bluetooth from the phone and my other half’s iPad (she uses same HRM) to be sure there are no other devices stealing the data but still no signal.

What about other half’s phone?

Switched off everything else except the iPad and still no joy. I then signed in to my account on my other half’s iPad and that worked fine so works on her iPad (for her Zwift account and for mine) and my phone but not my iPad. At least I know there’s nothing wrong with the HRM, the Zwift accounts/setup or pairing issues from other devices. Seems it is something specific to this iPad. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, disconnected all Bluetooth connections, activated flight mode, Etc, turned it off and on again and still same problem.
Could there be anything else I need to try?

I don’t think there is much else you could try except ensure Bluetooth on the iPad works. Eg connect a Bluetooth speaker.

Hi Ben. Thanks for your help and ideas.
Yes, that all works fine - headphones, speaker, etc. Even reconnected my garmin vivoactive HR watch again to it and that works fine. Turned it all off and still same problem; still connects immediately to my phone without problems. But not the iPad.
I will not be beaten by this…


I am having exactly the same problem. HRM-Dual. Works fine with all ant devices, and with Bluetooth on everything except the iPad I use for Zwift. I have tried it with other apps on the iPad too, and same problem. It connects to the hrm but does not receive hr data. I also tried a diagnostic tool (LightBlue). On that I can connect to it, and see all of the Bluetooth profiles. When I select the HR and listen for notifications, I get nothing. On my iPhone this gives a stream of hex values, which seem to be about right for my heart rate. Therefore the issue seems to be between this one iPad and the HRM. It was working fine until about a week ago, and then just stopped. No idea what has caused it.

Will keep trying to work it out, and also follow this thread in the hope that someone diagnoses it.

I have the same issue. Garmin dual band hrm used to work perfectly on zwift and still working on garmin. Now It doesnt work anymore on zwift. It says no signal. Its not connected in the same time to any other bluetooth agent.

Please advise.

I have it (a bit) working now.

If you use Zwift Compaignon on the same Device, the signal will be working.
I have red above that you use it as a “bridge”.

Please try and send me a message if it works for you all too?

I concluded that the issue was one with my iPad (or at least the interaction of the iPad with this particular Bluetooth device…I have had no problem with any other Bluetooth device). I set about trying to fix it in in the operating system. I attempted the following

  • Turn on and of Bluetooth many times
  • delete all other Bluetooth devices
  • reboot iPad
  • update iOS on iPad
  • reset network settings
  • as a last resort, factory reset and setup as new iPad (restoring all apps manually). I guess I could have tried a restore from backup, but decided as there was no local data, that I may as well start from scratch

Nothing worked…except the last step…doing the factory reset fixed it, and I just did a ride with hr data again.

No idea on root cause, which is frustrating. It worked fine for 6 weeks, then just stopped for no obvious reason, and doing a factory reset fixed it.

If it fails again (which I am half expecting it to), I may try a restore from backup. I was lucky that I was able to do the,reset,without impact to other data. For others this may be,more,problematic, and may not work.

However wanted to report back on what worked for me

I have exactly the same issue it seems. Garmin HRM dual worked perfectly for the first 5 or 6 times. It used it first connecting to the iPhone zwift app and then on a separate occasion on the laptop bridging via the companion app. For the past 3 weeks or so, neither will work. I simply get the No Signal message. There is nothing wrong with the HRM or battery as it connects to other garmin devices (not at the same time).

Try the numerous things suggested in the above post (note only the last one worked for him).

Same problem here. I am using an Orange Theory Fitness HRM (ANT+ and Bluetooth). Latest model. Works perfectly with Garmin VivoActive and Garmin 1000. Zwift on Windows pairs and connects, but same no signal issue.

Hi @Brian_McGregor

Do you use Ant+ on your windows PC?

Yes. Garmin ANT+ dongle on Windows 10 laptop. Kicker Snap connected with FCE.

Have you checked your ANT USB-m stick driver is installed. Win10 has been been playing silly buggers on me.

Thanks for the idea. Downloaded the latest driver and tried to update mine. Windows says I have the latest already.

Mine also said that, and even said that the Ant+ stick was working correctly. However it turned out that Win10 had installed a “Null Driver” so the device was not functioning. Worth checking you have a real driver. Like ant_libusb…

Not sure if I successfully replaced the driver. Windows 10 really likes to hold onto stuff. Anyway, Zwift now seems to be recognizing the HRM through ANT+ (only). Bluetooth still has no signal, even though it sees it. But, I’m quite fine using the ANT+ method. Thanks for your help.

I’m having the same issue my Garmin HRM dual it has been showing no signal for the past two rides on Zwift previously no issues with it Connecting