Game Update: Oct 29, 2019

Anyone find a solution I’m also getting Watopia’s Waistband.

All hail the Z-Rex!!!

pity it won’t last :sob::sob::sob:

just add on the zwift kom to get the last part

I agree would like to ride the trail on an MTB but I couldn’t do the steering test.

You still aren’t addressing the fact that changing the resistance standards for these long established routes has completely destroyed the comparability of historic data to future data. Some of us use Zwift as a INDIVIDUAL training tool to gauge progress. All of the historic data is now obsolete. Why not just change the resistance settings in future courses. As a Level 49 rider you’ve destroyed the utility of the personal record that I’ve created over 15,000 miles. This is total BS! Amateur hour!


Since the update I’ve noticed that on my Kickr Core and Garmin Tri HRM the ANT+ connectivity is flakey. It will say they are connected but flaps between No Signal and working.

I’ve only just joined and haven’t ridden yet on my swift trial. I have a big competitive cycling family and am just starting out. Some of them are on zwift and I don’t want them watching me. I would like a private profile, is that possible?


Kit - does this help? Hide all Zwift Activities/Workouts from Everyone - #6 by A_cid

That’s good to know, eric. It wasn’t like that in the past as far as I recall, and I’ve not had any crashes in recent years so haven’t encountered this myself.

Can anyone else confirm this happens?

You used to be able to do a 25k ride per month while suspended or after the free trial. Is that still the same?

I’m surprised there’s no mention of the XP change. It seems that, rather than getting XP on each full kilometer ridden, we now get XP at some random point? For example, in my last ride, I noticed getting XP at 16.3 km and then at 17.4 km. (Most of the ride was a workout, so I only noticed at the end.)

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Since the last update, I have really trouble with the Ant+ connection. In the connection section I can see that the buttons and windows stuttering and mostly didn’t find my Tacx Neo 2 and my HR Belt. And if I find my Tacx or HR Belt, there is no signal. So I couldn’t ride. Please instantly fix the Problem. Thank you

Check the distance display on your Companion app to see if you are getting credit on the actual mile/km. There appears to be something odd in the latest release where any ‘lead in’ distance you do before getting to a route is NOT shown in the distance counter on-screen, but IS counted in the total distance on the Companion app. I noted this in a ride last night and found that per the Companion app distance I was getting my XP right on the mile, but per the on-screen mileage it was a little off. I’m hoping they will correct this because it’s just a bit odd.

There have been some mentions of it:

It’s definitely an annoyance.

Possibly tied to this other reported bug about rides not starting at 0.0.

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Thanks for the info Jon. Would be great see a quantitative score for each bike / wheelset etc rather than stars. A few kg difference matters a lot of you’re only a few kg body weight!


I’ve noticed another issue, the distance on top of the screen is out by 500 meters from the distance on the right hand side where is shows you who is near by, I noticed it was over 200 meters out on the run as well

Jodie Smith

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Since last update i can’t calibrate my wahoo kickr X för running. It fails during first calibration saying i am not running in the right speed.

Only me?

Would be great to be able to have coffee stops at the cafes in the desert flats and downtown by the beach and spend some drops :slight_smile:

Not a poor job, Zwift as a whole is a wonderful way to train, exercising for the novice to the advanced. Most know things happen. I appreciate you taking that on blaming yourselves, but I know I’m happy to apply Zwift to my training…

Hi, Not sure if you are already aware but since the update weekly total km and times (from goals) are currently a bit messed up. I did 250+km this week and it is showing 150. I got a bit excited chasing Halloween bits and ended up doing 100ish ks in 24 hrs.I see someone already mentioned the xp side and top km not matching.

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