Game Update: Oct 29, 2019


I was wondering if you could help me

My kicker core is connected to my iPad recognising that cadence, hr and trainer is connected via Bluetooth however when I start to pedal my stats do not appear on the screen.

Is this to do with the IOS 13 or issues with the software on my trainer?

Your help is very much appreciated



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Darrick - can you expand on what is happening - I haven’t noticed and I am on a Tron bike. Are you saying that Tron is no longer the best bike depending on if there’s gravel / dirt sections?

Jon, you guys are doing a great job and not everyone understands the scope of how complex Zwift really is. Keep up the good work and I will continue to be an outspoken advocate of Zwift.

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Hi John,

I just wanted to say how I love the steering feature and would love to so more MTB trails in the future! If more trails were added it would also be nice to have the option of just doing the trails. Just my two cents!
Keep up the great work!


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Exactly my thoughts. Changing rolling resistance should not affect existing roads. Try improve your PB on The Pretzel route for example now. No matter how well I climb I will lose time on those dirt sections around marina, doesn’t make any sense.


If the historical metric was total watts generated (work) over a section, then the rolling esistance change would not affect the ability to continue to use the older data as a legitimate comparative chronology. But Zwift set the metrics for sections as TIME. That’s great as long as everything within the course or section stays the same, but once you add new variables (rolling resistance presently, maybe a wind factor in the future) then TIME is a crappy metric and the historic data is immediately useless. I don’t understand why this isn’t pissing more people off?


Maybe because most people use TSS as a measurement of training.

O speaking of TSS it will be nice if we can have TSS on our weekly goals.

I agree. And TSS and 20min power max are two of the metrics I use to evaluate my performance on a particular ride. However, as you know, within Zwift there are sector metrics that are archived over a individual’s history. These become useless if they add variables to existing routes. All that I am saying is that these new resistance parameters should have been part of new courses and existing Loops should have been left alone. It’s surprising that this was NOT considered.


Quando terá a versão do jogo em Português ???@zwift

I get the rolling resistance. But can you add a MTB to everyone’s garage? Earning it is difficult and I have little to no interest in doing the single track with steering. Or put MTB in drop shop

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the dirt feel was a big injustice to those of us who were constantly training by comparing times over the courses since their inception, years of data completely useless now. it would have been fine to make new dirt roads with this feature, but leave our old courses alone, it completely ruined the jungle circuit and every course that i used to test myself through that included the jungle circuit.


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I just bought a dedicated Razer Blade 15 (Geforce RTX 2070) primarily for my Zwift seasons to get everything out of it I could. Overkill for sure but I’m planning for future improvements. I 100% agree with Steve’s comments.

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Ha – I just bought that exact same machine – excellent product. Hope you’re enjoying it.

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Would agree to that… Results are now Pre Change. Post Change.

best post of the year :joy:

TBH I think a lot of us have commented, although not just here. I’ve certainly made the point that affected historical Strava PRs are useless now. And quite possibly unattainable.

Most people? Maybe you are right as far as people who “train seriously” go. But I’m not in that group. I just ride my bike and see where it takes me. For me, a Strava PR is my primary measurement of improvement. (Along with Zwift Power categorisation, I suppose).

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Start or finish lines moving don’t affect Strava segments. Once a segment exists, it’s fixed.

Changes to bikes have a minimal impact. The best and worst bikes make a difference of a handful of seconds over 40km or more. Over the typical Strava segment it’s not even measurable really, as they round to the nearest second anyway.

Tempus Fugit and the altered physics was an opt-in event. And it’s easy enough to reset a PR from that event just by deleting the ride from Strava.

So all in all, the changes to times on the Jungle Circuit had a much greater impact than any of the other things you suggest.

Note, I’m not saying this is entirely Zwift’s problem. I can understand the changes from a gameplay perspective, and I support their right to make those sort of “breaking” changes. If they had their own Strava-like implementation they could easily set PRs to pre-change and post-change. But the reality is we’re “forced” to use Strava for this particular pursuit of improvement, and Strava don’t give any options to reset PRs or create any sort of before and after event distinction. Thus annoyance.

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It’ can’t be moved. Zwift could move the lines in their game, but the Strava segment doesn’t change. Anyone who wants to can ride the same segment, regardless of what Zwift do.

As for Alpe du Zwift, the difference between fastest frame and slowest is only 71 seconds (at 300W, 75kg; 48:39, Specialized Tarmac Pro + Lightweight Meilenstein, vs. 50:48, Zwift Buffalo Fahrrad + 32mm Carbon). Thinking about the originally fast Safety Bike, that would have done a 48:32 for the same rider (with the Lightweights). So that’s 7 seconds over the entire climb, on a bike that only a tiny number of Zwifters could even afford. Realistically, 7 seconds over a 50 minute climb is nothing compared to the impact of the Jungle changes.

So, again, it’s not a fair comparison IMO and I think it’s easy to see that the Jungle changes were far more significant than other tweaks in the past.

(Numbers from this ZwiftInsider spreadsheet by the way: Zwift Speed Tests - Google Sheets)