Game Update: Oct 29, 2019

No, You should see it tomorrow 1 November.


I have been with you guys for 7 or 8 years now and other than a minor glitch here and there my experience has been fantastic. I love the concept and for Canadians it has been a godsend. Thank you for providing such a brilliant tool for me to kick my own ass. You are appreciated as are your efforts to improve and keep the platform fresh. Yes I pay for the privilege and I am a customer but this is a partnership and I am happy to support it.

Thank you to the entire team. Please know that what you do is thoroughly enjoyed and certainly appreciated.

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running have bugs from update on macOS, starting runs with 2km+ distance and xp is awarded per 0.25km as earlier but not at 0.25 0.5 0.75 1.00 etc but on different places.

Ah explains that. Cheers for the reply.

This new version resolved the screen sizing problem Apple TV 13 only using lower left corner of screen.

The ZCA seems to be correct and was awarding XP at each mile, but a little after the odometer clicked over like it used to a while back.

How do I get this update? Does it update automatically or do I need to do something? It says the Supersix evo is added, but I don’t have it.

It should auto update if you have auto updates turned on. Go to the i-store and see if there is a update.

Super Six EVO will not be available in game until Sunday, to coincide with the Giro de Rigo ride. (And if you complete the longest distance Giro de Rigo route you can unlock a special paint job for the Super Six EVO.)

Just a wish. You can create own workouts and save the files for use. Why not creating own tracks/routes by combining elements of existing ones, saving them with own names and then ride them whenever you want?

Thanks. I will do that.

Where do I turn on the auto updates? Is that turned on as default? What do you mean to download from i-store? Sorry for all the questions.

It depends on what platform you are using to run Zwift. If you are using a PC/Mac I’m pretty sure Zwift updates to the newest version as soon as it’s available. If you are using an iPad/iPhone/Apple TV, though, you can turn off the ‘auto-update’ feature, in which case you would need to manually update to the latest version each time one is introduced. (This may be the same for Android devices, but I’m not sure.)

I tried to get the mtb,it’s not possible for me.I have a good setup too,just too uncontrollable steering.

I’m on Apple TV. But where are the settings for it? I can’t find them anywhere. Is it in the companion app?

Oh wait a second. It must be on since I did get the Yorkshire stage without doing anything.

No problems here. However is there any progress with steering using the NEO track steering frame?

In the Settings app on ATV you can check whether you have auto update turned on or off. (This is a different auto update setting than having the TVOS for the ATV itself update.)

I am connecting Swift from my laptop to a tv via hdmi.

Following last update, the screen is blown out of all proportion and I can only see a quarter of the intended screen on both laptop and tv.

When I remove the HDMI cable, the laptop returns to correct size.

Is there a new setting I need to configure? Is this a known issue?



Ok thanks Nigel and Eric. I’ll try that.