Game Update - March 16th, 2021

Thanks for that but yes some routes are new didnt know it only done it first time.Was aware of some ride ins but always allow few miles . Seems abit daft to me that if you do planned route you have to
guess when you have finished it .

I can confirm that there is still an issue with sending messages. I just had another Zwift Crash while leading my ride. I was typing a message and even before sending the message it closed down Zwift. Nothing to do with long messages. I had it happen twice now in a short period of time. Log files show nothing of interest.

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Another update, another bug.

Power reading dropping on Wahoo kickr core with windows and ant.

I haven’t stopped pedalling, and am right at the RPM

Drop your log file into


Most likely signal interference, not a bug. I also use Win10, ANT+, and Kickr Core and have not had any issues with the new update.

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Was pretty much perfect before the last release

Which log file ?

The one from your ride with all the drops in your screenshot.

Hi thanks for responding, my Watts now seem to be stable again thank you and are no longer way too high as before although they do now seem slightly lower than before with the same gear and effort.

Basically the analysis indicates a problem with the ant+ connection

Yet I have been using the same hardware for months without problem.

The only variable seems to be the zwift software.

There you have it! To say you’ve never had problems before does not mean you won’t have problems in the future. There is always a first time for everything.

ANT+ uses 2.4GHz spectrum which is also used by a ton of other devices. There could be a new source of interference that didn’t exist before. Wireless phone, microwave, Bluetooth devices, etc…

It is also very possible that your ANT+ dongle is dodgy or going bad. I have had one die a slow death on me in the past after using it for only a year.

Lastly, if you’re not using a USB extension cable, I highly recommend doing so to get the dongle closer to the trainer.


100%, at the very least all beacon slots need to be able to rejoin — but I think it’d be nice if everyone was able to. They could even just use Late Join to enable that…

(Wrote about that here: PC/Mac Reconnect After Crash Doesn’t Work - #3 by Gerrie_Delport_ODZ)

I’ve noticed a slight twist: previously the F10 key did not work for either this Zwift activity feed OR connected third-party fitness apps. There has been some sort of change as my F10 key now appears to be working with third-party apps, but images taken from my Zwift Companion App only appear in the feed, but not in my third party apps. So NO, the image capture function is still not fixed, at least with respect to a Windows PC and ZCA Android combination.

Still having this problem - I have only tested this with the F10 key, and not by taking a photo via the Companion app, but uploading to Strava works about half the time. I don’t think I’m doing anything different each time, so it’s weird it only works sometimes. It does look like photos are uploading to Zwift though.

Another issue - sometimes when I end my ride, while trying to get back to the main menu it takes a very long time, and sometimes freezes Zwift. The ride does save and upload though. Other times, I’m able to end the ride and get back to the main menu quickly, but when I click exit to totally shut down Zwift, the program freezes. That happens most of the time.

I have been having Zwift crash and an Nvidia dll is seemingly to blame.

This has been occurring intermittently since Christmas.

Each time I do a fresh install of Zwift, and the latest Nvidia drivers.

Windows 10 fresh install, new Zwift, new Nvidia drivers. Computer isn’t used for anything else. It crashes straight to desktop with no error displayed.

Happened today on Richmond when just testing my time trial setup. I wasn’t riding, climbed off to adjust bars, looked back and windows desktop. Otherwise it’s occurred on Sand & Sequias and on the Volcano.

Game crashed on me after typing a long message yesterday morning (10/4).