Game Update - March 16th, 2021

This is terrible. Camera zooming in and out fixed. Frame rate on appletv abismal on free ride - but hey, you fixed positioning to make the pros happy. Can we revert to zwift two years ago - that was playable and don’t make me motion sick.

Still Getting crashes while leading group rides, switched laptops and still had the issue, fortunately still had time to rejoin. Really need to fix that issue too…Ride Leaders and Sweepers need to be able to rejoin anytime during their scheduled group rides if they are in a Leader or Sweeper slot. Nothing sucks worse than having a game crash at min 31 during a group ride and knowing you won’t be able to join back in to finish the lead for your group.


Been waiting for 6 days now and paying subscription all the while. Told on the 23rd that the issue had been escalated and nothing since. I’ve seen information on workarounds by using other trainers but don’t want to do this as my Tacx Booster is listed and I should be able to use that to get as accurate data as possible?

The issue with Tacx non-smart trainers has been fixed in the update that came out a few days ago. What platform are you running Zwift on, and what version of the Zwift client?

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They should have put the update update in as one of those Companion app notifications, since it’s kinda important to a lot of people this time.

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Same here, I’m using Windows 10 on a Surface Pro 4. I have to reinstall the app every time I want to use it.

Just making sure your real axiom is up and working now, mine is after an update a couple days ago.


Lucie - just making sure you have taken the most recent update and your real axiom is back working - mine “fixed” a couple of days ago.


Cleared Chrome cache, recalibrated the Suito using myETraining, and still the cadence halves itself at steeper grades. It might also have to do with switching to the small ring for the climbs.

Very frustrating as the halved cadence halves my speed and the climbs take twice as long.

Yes. from 23.3 Real works again

Your cadence figure doesn’t affect your speed in Zwift. It’s the power generated that goes into the calculation.


Is there any way of accessing your details that show in the menu having clicked Ride, without being in Ride itself?

Nope, afraid not.

Thanks for the info, I didn’t know that.

Any chance of route finish banner getting fixed also today lost previous best .todays ride set it as if it was my first ride all power figures gone

What’s this?

When i finish a route there used to be a pop up banner bottom of screen saying route completed hasnt been working for weeks

  • You have to complete a route you have not previously completed.
  • You cannot make any manual turns during the selected route.
  • Some routes have lead-ins which result in total distance being greater than listed for the route. As a result, you may think you have finished but in fact have not. For example, Lutscher in Innsbruck has a ~10km lead-in.

Or it could be broken, but doubtful since I have seen some friends w/route completions in the last week or two.

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That only happens the first time you complete a route.


This release still has the random crash to desktop when hitting save. Looking at the log file it fails before trying to upload screenshots.

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