Game Update - March 16th, 2021

I know of five of us on the forum now with the same model and problem, please go and send zwift support a plea to fix! Two of us have, but everyone needs to. We have huge useless paperweights unless they get us hooked back up. Thx

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Tell zwift support! 6 of us on forums saying the same. Pls report it.

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7th and 8th.
During leading on of yesterday’s group ride I had the same problems. I was thrown out of Zwift three times (twice returned successfully by Late Join) despite I don’t use a Stream Deck. In one case it happened when I was only pedalling. Obviously the bug is not connected to the leader’s notes publishing as I have been warned by my colleagues.
All problems appeared after last Zwift update. Must add: my colleague who led the event at the same time reported about the same troubles. But luckly he was ejected out from Zwift only once.

I have an elite real axiom ct 2015 trainer, see google. there is the connection of the whole trainer via usb cables (trainer, cadence, control unit - the usb cable is inserted into the usb ntb). after a new update from 18.3 it will not find - it does not see any usb zwift trainer.

I’m not the only one reading here who suddenly has the same problem

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@shooj @Libby_Behrens
Bug report;

During a group ride (LEQP) my Zwift suddenly shut down without any action from my side. Happened after 33min of riding. It’s the first abrupt crash I’ve had since 3 years of Zwifting so I’m sure it has to do with the update. It may have happened because of typing a long chat message (as others have reported), but received no warning and the abrupt shut down happened about a minute later.

Zwifting on a laptop i5 10th gen, GTX1650 dedicated graphics card, Windows 10, used the built in keyboard. Tacx Neo 1 with Polar H10 HRM, all paired via Bluetooth.

Would love to hear if this is being worked on, because it severely impacts our riding. Just glad it did not happen last week after being 5h in the Saddle for the PRL Full (as you may imagine).

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Hi all,
I have a Stages SB20, and everything was going fine, until this morning when I became a PRO during my ride, without too much effort.
I was cycling at 150-200 watts, and after 1:30h exercise, it went up to 2000, 3000 and 6000 watts, even though I was not doing anything.
I started getting messages of congratulations for badges achievements. It’s a bit annoying because the other ones have been awarded after a huge effort. These ones… a different story.
Additionally, all power data is not correct.
I was using my iPad and the Zwift Comp app on my mobile.
I hope the bug is fixed quickly, and you can tell us how we can remove the wrong data and achievements.

Assigned bike on groupride broken after update
Everyone who had done the update couldn’t see everyone on the assigned bike but a few who hadn’t updated the assigned bike worked @Wes
regards Dave

I use a Wahoo RPM Speed Sensor and Tacx Booster basic Turbo and my power readings are normally very true to real life out on the road, and the Setting 2 power curve created by Zwift means the set-up top’s out at around 390-400W. Since this update I can now coast at 250-300W without much effort and have hit 1100W. I have changed batteries and laptops with no change so it looks like this is linked to the update!?

Hope they’re collating all the issues being reported with this release, 'cos there seems to be a lot more than usual.

Same problem here. Now also android app updated so cannot perform training because increased power…
I hope they’ll fix it as soon as possible.

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Have seen a work around on another thread , choose the lifeline TT 01 dumb trainer instead of the Tacx… apparently very simlilar power …


Hi seems to have knocked my USB elite turbo out. Won’t pick up any sensors now. Works perfectly with the elite software. The pesky squirrel tells me to wake up the turbo. Don’t really want to splash cash on a new turbo


Is there any fix for the problem with the erratic watts? Was hoping to ride a grand fondo tomorrow but my watts have gone mad

Possible workaround at March 2021 Update issues - #74 by Jesper_ZwiftHacks

Hi, noticed the heart rate on my companion app started the ride as 1 line but within a couple 20 minutes, it started to flip back and forth from 1 line to 2. Here is an image where the heart rate of 128 is spread across 2 lines.

I got a response from support:
"Since our last contact with you, we’ve found that this issue is similar to one we are seeing among many RealTour devices. We’re currently working on a patch for this.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, and are working on rolling out a fix for this known issue. After reviewing this, I’m going to escalate your case to the team best suited to assist you. Once they’ve had a chance to review our conversation, they’ll respond as soon as they can."

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Thanks for the link for the workarounds! Not really happy taking workarounds though for £13 per month but guess will have to give it a shot for now!:+1:t2:

What has your wifi got to do with your internet connection?

Same here… Tried downloading app again still wrong…
I wish I was that fast but now I don’t even want to use my trainer until it is fixed as it will skew all my progress…

Any word on a fix???

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We had the same problem but due to the button being pressed down by the hood slipping as someone mentioned. Easily sorted! The problem I have is that since the feature showing which gear you are in being constantly visible, I can’t engage 1st gear-or is doing so but not showing on the screen?