Stages sb20

Hi. I’m thinking hard about purchasing the stages sb20 bike. Ive looked on line at the reviews and watched plenty on YouTube where this bike is put though it’s paces, looks awesome, just completed reading comments on this forum dated 2020. Have the problems been sorted now. And are you happy with the connection and power issues I’ve read about. If you could help, would be great to hear from you before I buy (maybe). Al

I’ve had mine since early December.
The only issues I have had with mine is connection ones and these have been down to my internet and BT reasons. Not anything to do with the bike itself.
Some people have had issues, mainly flywheel, power supply and an onboard card, but Stages support, from what I’ve read have been fantastic.

I was worried about my purchase at first due to the cost, but I absolutely love it and would buy again in a heartbeat.
There is a Facebook page for the Stages SB20 owners and there’s a lot of info on there. Unfortunately people tend to post more about problems than anything else on these pages, so it does tend to give a negative view. It didn’t put my off tho.

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I noticed someone with an SB20 mention some power problems today:

But that’s almost certainly related to the latest update and will be fixed (and not necessarily being experienced by all owners).

Hi Richard.
That’s good to hear, as it’s a big investment for It not to work seamlessly. My ride now doesn’t miss a beat and would hate to move up to first class and suffer problems. Your rite, you mostly only get to hear about the problems rather than how great the bike is.
Many thanks Al

Hi Daren.
Nice work for pinging across. It’s good to get the reviews from the riders on Zwift. As we all seem to be addicted and get the truth on how it actually is.

I’m new, too, and just did a mountain of research for a smart bike. For me, it came down to the Wahoo Kickr Bike and the SB20 – and everyone I spoke to said it was a toss-up, depending on the features you want. Each has its own problems, but the Wahoo’s problems strike me as a bit more serious and more frequent overall.

I chose the SB20 because the thing is a tank. For my money, the Wahoo by comparison is a tad wobbly, with tolerances that aren’t as good as the Stages, and doesn’t feel well put-together. Of course it’s a better app experience and has climb, etc. Some people find the SB20’s planted character less road bike-y and more spin bike-y. Doesn’t bother me. I just know that wobbles would absolutely drive me nuts – so despite wanting the features of the Wahoo, I went with the less expensive, less complicated, more solid product.

I look forward to its delivery next week. I also look forward to buying a 2nd gen product in several years. :slight_smile:

Hi Jason
Welcome to the Zwift community. It’s really good to hear your thoughts on the stages sb20. I will almost certainly be buying as well. Little busy on the farm as the weather is nice. But please let me know how your bike works out for you. The sb20 does look an awesome bit of kit. :ok_hand:

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Hi Jason.
Have you received your new sb20 yet.

Hi Al,

Yes, but Clever Training shipped me a used unit which had scrapes and chips, and was missing the handlebars. Strangest thing, as it looked like it was packed new.

Reached out to Stages and they agreed to swap it out with a 100% new-in-box product from the factory. New one should be coming in a week or so.

Buddy. That’s terrible; good they sorted it out for you and so they should. Hopefully new one will be with you soon.

Thanks, Al. Delivery is Friday! Also excited to try out the latest firmware – hopefully erg mode on Zwift is now better!

Hi Jason.
Not been riding much as I’d like due to work :tractor:…but tell me, has she arrived yet. Like to know how your getting on,
Al :facepunch:

Well, it arrived and this one was new in box, and had all the parts.

Unfortunately, not all the handlebar buttons work; the right upper #2 button is completely dead, and the right upper #1 button only works about 25% of the time. I’ve left an update with Stages.

I’ve been able to ride on Zwift using the other buttons (on the drops) to change gears – first time I’ve been on a bike in nearly 25 years, and it’s quite an effort! :slight_smile:

I really would like to get the handlebars working, though. From similar reports I’ve seen on the SB20 Facebook group, this seems like it’s a hardware problem, unfortunately.

Hi Jason. Good to hear you finally have your new ride. Has a couple of teething problems, but I’m sure your sort that out and get them working. It does take awhile to get to a good fitness. But I’m sure in a few months your be up there. Ride on buddy Al

Hi Jason. How’s the bike now. All fixed I hope. I’ll be putting in my order for mine in a couple of days as work I’d easing off.

I just received my SB20 and feel it is spot on! I was on a Kickr Core before and there is just no comparison.

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Congrats Matt! Yes, it is a great bike. I’ve bought it 14 months ago, with lots of km completed and it is working great!!

Is anyone able to view left / right balance on SB20 after completing a ride on Zwift if so what equipment /apps are you using?


Hi, if you are using a garmin watch, you can do that, select indoor cycling and pair (not the bike) but the speed/cadence sensor and the power L and power R sensors. Thus, you will have an indoor activity recording both power sensors. However, I usually just record from zwift to Strava and Garmin Connect but then, I don’t get dual power info from that fit file.

Thanks for the reply

I have setup my Garmin Edge 530 as per your suggestion above this gives me the information I require live or via Garmin Connect once ride has uploaded.