Flier alert / Orange warning triangle

Hi all,
I’ve been zwifting regularly now for about a year or so. Im using a stages link bike and a garmin HRM-dual.

I have never seen this before and I got a bit stressed after I got it. I was out on a sunday ride and was debating if I wanted to participate in a sprint or not. I decided I would, but before I got to do anything my character moved on his own. The character just pedaled on his own an flew up into 2000 watts or 29w/kg. The character flew past the sprint before I could turn off zwift and I got a message about « either you’re a Pro cyclist or there is something wrong with your equipment». I checked my information on zwift and everything was normal.

Does anybody know something about this or have I gotten myself into a pickle?

Appreciate any answers, thank you.

The Stages power meter can generate crazy power numbers if the crank arm batteries are low. I would replace them and do a zero reset. Verify that the zero reset numbers are within spec and see if it recurs.

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thank you for getting back to me.

I shall try changing batteries at once and do the reset. The only thing that I still find a bit weird is that I stopped pedaling when it happened. Do you know if this also can occur if the batteries are low?

Thank you very much for the help atleast.

My experience with the StagesBike SB20 is that when the power meters wake from sleep, I sometimes get a 2000W+ power spike. Normally this takes 5 minutes of no pedaling (assuming batteries are good) so when I’m taking a break in the middle of the ride, I bring up the pairing screen before I restart. In your case, my theory is that the power meters shut off and restarted due to low voltage. It could perhaps also be caused by poor connection between the battery and the terminals in the power meters.

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Ok, good to know.
That means that as long as I know the batteries aren’t too low, the power meter should work normaly unless the connection is weak. Was a bit worried I had done something wrong, but I’ll stay on top of this as it is a pretty simple task to do.

Thanks again for the help :smiley:

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My Stages SB20 Bike also did that 2000 watt powerspike randomly, when waking up from an Alpe downhill…
I absolutely hated it for that, and many other reasons :grimacing:


I check the battery health using the Bluetooth Inspector app (Mac or iPhone). There are similar apps for other platforms if you are not using Apple devices. I interrogate the power meters while pedaling the bike so the test happens when the batteries are under load.