3/2/15 Mac Beta feedback

(Jason Eberhard [VISION] WBR (C)) #1

Took my second ride on the island today and it was very lonely. No AIs or other riders, just me, the butterflies and the lightning bugs. Though it was odd no one else was riding.

The other thing that was weird was that zPower was all over the place, sometimes jumping around as much as +/-20 watts. When I paired up my sensors today I just spun the crank backwards to wake up the SC sensor. After Zwift detected the sensor it displayed a message about detecting wheel slippage which I assumed was because the crank moved and the rear wheel didn’t so I dismissed the error. Perhaps this is why the watts where jumping around? Next time I’ll wake the sensors up before I start Zwift and see if the results are any different.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

+/- 20w sounds pretty reasonable - just like a real power meter. You have a small variance in your power output on each stroke and there’s also probably limitations in the timing of the wheel rotations in the cadence device.

Logging in and not seeing anybody is an odd one tho, as there are >100 people on right now. You should open a support ticket and attach your Documents/Zwift/Log.txt file from todays ride, and we’ll make sure the info gets to the right person. Firewalls/VPN are typically the cause of this.

(Jason Eberhard [VISION] WBR (C)) #3

Thanks. I will open a ticket. It was certainly lonely out there, made it quite easy to get the orange jersey. :wink: