Stages sb20 power meter wrong reading

Hi,got stages sb20,and in last 2-3 rides my power meter reading are all over the place,kinda feel like is in Erg mode all the time,it wont be go over 70-80w when am clearly pushing over 400w.So in any race feeling am peddling in the place,in workout mode,cant hit the designated power as its always low.
On stages app power is correct so it has to be something between zwift and sb20

Anyone else got similar problem and manage to fix it?

Have you contacted Stages about this? I don’t know the bike well enough, but have you tried both Ant+ and Bluetooth? Is there anything that could be interfering with how the data gets from your bike to Zwift?

I don’t think we would be able to show incorrect power values as that data would come direct from your bike.

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Have you replaced or tested the power meter batteries? I’ve seen crazy readings when one arm’s battery is low. A coin cell battery tester can be very handy if you don’t have a multimeter to check them.

You also have two ways to pair the bike for power: either pair the bike, or pair the left crank arm. To pair directly to the crank arm, you pair the bike first for power/cadence/controllable, then unpair power, and substitute the crank arm for power. (Has to be done in that fashion - you can’t just pair the crank arm first.)

You might also try asking on the StagesBike SB20 Owners Group on Facebook.