Stages SB20 firmware thread


If people like it we could discus the Stages SB20 firmware releases here… ( please vote if you like the idea :slightly_smiling_face: )
I could be nice to hear other users experiences, also get a warning if an update introduces unwanted “features” :thinking:

To start it off, what do you think of the new 1.10.2 firmware with the gradient delay disabled ?

Personally I found the delay/softness of the previous version to much, sort of taking away a lot of the ride experience on routes like the Titan Groove, but great for “spinning like” constant power up the Alp.
I find the new version very ( perhaps to much :thinking: ) realistic, definitely requiring some action on the shifters when riding the Titan Grooves.

Maybe an option in the Stages Link App to configure the smoothness of how hard/quick the gradient changes affects the resistance could be nice - what do you think ?