Game Update - June 15th, 2021

Thanks for the release notes. It would be really helpful if you could put the version number in the thread title so we can easily cross refer to the version of the game we’re running. Would that be possible? Especially now you’ve moved to easy version numbers :slight_smile:


Has anyone got any feedback on this yet!? I’m pretty sure I’m getting close to being banned on zwift for being a pain in the ass asking for it

Can we have a lead in distance to the start of any sprints. I still get caught out when we get to the start line and i havent started sprinting yet.


More visible sprint start


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Guess Runners still can’t run around the perimeter of Village Onsen then, no mention in release notes. :roll_eyes: #onlyforbikes

Good to hear, but when will there be an update so Zwift recognises the directional buttons on the 2021 Apple TV remote? Sweaty hands and touch/swipe surfaces are not a good combo.


Yes I think that’s a solid idea, we’ll start doing that with the next release. :ride_on:


I have a Kickr Core. After this update I’m no longer able to do a spin down.

You should be doing calibration/spin downs using the trainers manufactures app.

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@_Jordan_P_ZSUNR the kickr core just had a firmware update too, so as Paul said use the Wahoo app to do spindowns and update the firmware.


Think you could load a different route selection UI dependant on the users profile, goals and preferences. To build up my cycling muscles I am picking routes to help me build up without disheartening me. Completely different from a pro rider. So make it easy to select the best route for me. Also it’s not easy controlling the mouse while pedaling to keep the sensors active.
Tried the update today. Stopped my bike going up hills no matter how fast I was going on occasion. Going down Hills at times it was like riding through treacle. Both intermittent bugs. Using KickR V5

Thanks that might be the answer to the problem I have.

Thanks for another fantastic update - this is a really good step forward for some badge hunting!

On the Apple TV though, since the update it looks… lower resolution? Not so much the track and rider graphics, but the UI and text seems less sharp than before.

On the topic of Apple TV, I do have a couple of asks for the new models (2021 4k and HD) - the graphics are worse than on previous ATVs - is this something that is on the radar? For example, there are no shadows on the roads.

Secondly (and more importantly!), directional buttons on the new ATV controller. It would be great to be able to use these instead of the touchpad!


Since the update my app crashes as soon as I press Let’s go on the launching screen (Mac 10.11) please solve this issue

Pero aún no se ha solucionado el problema que tengo por lo menos yo, sólo puedo pedalear en WATOPIA, LONDON YORKSHIRE

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Hi @Joaquin_Cueto_PETA-Z

There is only 3 worlds on rotation each day see the schedule below.


Lo sé, pero hay algún problema con mi cuenta que sólo me deja pedalear en WATOPIA, LONDON Y YORKSHIRE. He pedido una solución a soporte de Zwift y aún no me han dado una solución, me dicen que próximamente se solucionará el problema. Mientras tanto mas WATOPIA, LONDON Y YORKSHIRE. Hoy se me caduca mí suscripción pero no la pienso renovar hasta que me den solución, ahora probaré con BKOOL o ROUVY a ver si me va mejor

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You could try deleting the prefs.xml and see if that helps.

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Have you used a “world hack” to set your Zwift to give you those worlds? Because that could explain it.