Game Update - July 8th, 2020

That’s certainly not the way the ATV update should work, Gary. My ATV update this morning took around 1 minute.

This is why I have changed my ATV settings so that apps do not update automatically. Instead I just check regularly to see if an update is available, and then install it at a time that works in my schedule.

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I have this message and now I can’t get past the welcome screen

Check these threads: Z112 Error on launching line 602 with patch.cpp


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I have updated this morning (Apple TV, Zwift version 1.0.53416). The Letape jersey I received on Saturday (Letape Stage 1) however, has not been fixed. Still the navy blue one.

Same here on PC. Still the navy one.

@Andre_Busnardo and @DaveH
What you’re describing is expected behavior. Updating the game version is step 1 to get you in the correct L’Etape kit.

UPDATED: Please jump over to the L’Etape 2020 FAQ discussion under way.


Thanks. :+1:

Update does not show up on my IOS devices. Is that to be expected? PC running windows did update.

I have seen updates on all of my iOS devices. Maybe they auto-updated already?

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I’ve got it. I had to go into purchases and manually update. Looks ok so far, thanks

Can’t join events for the last 2 days. Using win 10 laptop and Android companion app. Clicked join event, shows “going” against the event both on laptop and Android app, selected “ride” as normal bit I am not taken to the start gate. App counts down and tells me your event starts in X minutes etc. But nothing else happens. What’s changed?

The event registration hasn’t changed with this week’s release. This was a patch that updated some small things with the France maps.

Please clarify how you registering:

  1. Well in advance of the event on website?
  2. In advance of the event on the Companion app?
  3. Once you’ve logged in to the game app and where you select what world/route, etc?

Would you also go to on your web browser, and go into your Activity History? Would you let us know the URL of the specific event you had issues with?

I tried to register for the event shortly before it started, about 15 mins before start. I used the win 10 app to register not the browser and then just selected “ride” for the default world . Shortly before the event when it was obvious I wasn’t being taken to the start gate I logged out of the app and back in again and tried to join the event using the Android companion app. Still no joy.

Can’t see the URL of those events on However they were:
Virtual Tour Dr France stage 2 discovery ride on Friday 10 July at 8am BST
L’etape du tour stage 2 Saturday 11 July 10am BST

Both events were extremely busy so servers may have been struggling to process my joining at such a late stage. I managed to successfully join the tour stage 2 later on Saturday by registering for the event 2 hours early and it was fine.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the speedy reply.

  1. Is there a way to get notice of updates - like 24 hours - since for the next week l’ll have to find another WiFi.
  2. Is there a way to download the update as a complete package and updeat zwif offline?
  1. There will be a notice of Zwift Updates in the Zwift Companion App.
  2. Not that I know of.

Thanks for the additional information. Since you’re registering for the event from the desktop game app, is it possible you ran into the infinite spinner situation?.

If you did not get the infinite spinner, and were able to register you would have seen a checkbox next to the “E” category (open) event. You did sign up for E, please confirm? For the Tour de France events, the “A” category events are for ladies only.


By “infinite spinner” do you mean blue spinning circle? Yes I saw that for a while. It’s possible I wasn’t careful enough in selecting the E event as I was rushing to join, I’m normally pretty careful about that but can’t say I didn’t make a mistake there.

I did get the “going” Icon though.

Anyway it seems as though it isn’t repeating as I have successfully joined events since. I was concerned it was an issue with the update or that something had changed and I was doing something wrong.

Thanks for you help.

Malcolm Walker

@Wes I’m still getting the controllable auto re pair issue on AppleTV. Not sure if this one is known or not but to outline my kickr will not auto re pair correctly at start up. It will auto pair from the previous session but doesn’t seem to pair correctly so it doesn’t free ride right and is impossible to calibrate (it will literally take 700w to get up to 37kph) and then says fail during spindown. The hack around is to unpair the controllable, then unpair the power source, then re pair the power source which will also pair the controllable. Unpairing just the power source doesn’t work as it seems to re pair the same controllable session. I’m pairing over ios companion app if that helps