Virtual L'Etape du Tour de France 2020 FAQ

Perfect explanation, thank you. So if you’re non-pro you only get to ride Stage 2, 4, and 6 (and acquire the exclusive badges) unless I ride with the pros to get the other badges?

Well, sort of. The pro events are invite-only, so you can not barge in on the pro races that are broadcast worldwide on TV.

Oh. I missed that in the small print. Thanks for explaining.

@Brett_Waller Unless I’m misunderstanding the conversation, remember that the other stage (1 or 3 or 5) could be ridden any day of the week following the weekend it was ridden by the pros, during the so-called Discovery Rides (see events in the companion app). I.e. you could still ride stage 1 today; after this weekend, you could ride stage 3; after next weekend, stage 5.

You’re correct re my question, and your answer is correct. It’s just that during the week is practically impossible for me to connect up with my core group of friends to ride together.

*Here’s an update for those who received the 2019 L’Etape kits in error on July 4 & 5.

  • 1. A game patch was released two days ago Mac/PC/ Android , and yesterday for iOS / Apple TV. Please update your game app as a first step.

  • 2. We are officially opening the France map to our community in this weekend’s L’Etape events. It is a beautiful world that we hope you’ll enjoy.

  • Doing any upcoming L’Etape event will unlock the 2020 jersey.

  • You will also get to keep the 2019 kit if you earned it last weekend.

  • Those who completed the events last weekend will be awarded the new jersey no later than next week. There is nothing you need to do other than update your game app.

  • *3. If you experienced a game crash during a L’Etape event, please follow us over to this other thread.


Hello to the team.

As a little reward for driving the TDF, how about getting an old Peugeot steel frame?


That’s really nice of you! We’ve worked really hard for several months, and I’m sure that the vintage steel fans working here would love a fine vintage Peugeot. You’re so thoughtful! :hugs:


Thank you for all your hard work. The France course is excellent.


Yep - another voice here saying a massive thank you and top work to the Zwift team - you guys really smashed it with the French world. Rode the etape stage this morning and absolutely loved it. Some really cool little touches and I expect I’ll see more as I learn the routes. Must have been a monumental effort to get it all done in time. Great stuff.


No results from the event this morning from companion or zwift power? Zwift power had 100 odd riders complete from 4000. Nothing on companion. Any help?

Been riding for 10 minutes, game says 10. Companion says 11mph, game says 23mph. Everyone getting about 1 FPS on screen

July 11 2020 9am PST event


We have several of our colleagues riding in this particular event reporting low frame rate and other weird glitches. We’re looking into exactly what happened with this one, because they didn’t occur in the events that happened overnight…

Major power issues during this ride at noon EST.

my wife riding a wahoo kickr bike suddenly had a trainer difficulty increase ala erg mode and was unable to ride for more than a few more minutes. after restarting zwift, the trainer, and the wahoo setup app, nothing has changed. the kickr bike is now useless to use on an event or regular ride on zwift

beside her I was on a wahoo kickr18. my power was wildly inaccurate. I put on my regular bike with a quark power meter and read power from my app at around 70W more consistently during the ride than what my zwift screen showed. I rode the ride at about 230W and it showed 160W on average!

Please send the log files from both your ride and your wife’s ride from today so we can see what happened on your end.

Here’s how to find logs on your respective computers. Attach them to an email to if you don’t mind.


Don’t really need a “solution” to this, just to report that I rode the 17:00 BST l’Etape stage today, and the little marker on the stage profile at the bottom of the minimap didn’t update except in occasional jumps, so it was impossible to know what was coming up, or have advance notice of the sprint and KOM sections (also hard to see the road markers in a peloton).

A great ride otherwise :slight_smile:

The Etape 2nd Stage was excellent. A great course with a cheeky climb and no computer problems even with the amount of people riding. Chapeau Zwift! :smiley: As an old timer on the platform I usually have a tendency to be critical, but can only heap praise. This sort of stuff makes paying my subs a bargain. If this is the benchmark, Ventoux will potentially make me ecstatic. Thanks also for sorting out the jersey issue. I now have it and feel I have earned it. Keep up the great work!!!

The only glitch I noticed this morning was in the first few minutes of the event, a group of presumably “new to me” riders would appear around my avatar wearing the default Zwift kit, before they switched over to the L’Etape kit a fraction of a second later. Other than that, everything worked well.



I noticed the flashing orange kits on my ride too. We think those are late-joiners spawning in and getting outfitted with the proper kit.

I think what I was seeing couldn’t be due to late joiners. There were just way too many momentary orange kits. It seemed more likely that the set of 100 closest riders kept changing in the beginning of the ride, and each time a new set popped into view, my client didn’t have kit information for them yet, so it just used the default kit. Someone familiar with the code can probably easily confirm or deny this hypothesis.