L'etape du tour de france training club

I’ve signed up for L’ETAPE DU TOUR DE FRANCE TRAINING CLUB and I’ve been choosen to do it! YESSSSS

Now, I can see that some part of the training, like Zwift L’Etape du Tour de France Training Race can’t be moved to another date, but for the general “yellow workout”, will I be able to do them the day I choose ?

I can’t still find them on my zwift account…



I think this means it will be similar to the previous Zwift Academy setups where you can do the individual workouts whenever suits you. Presumably there will be an update in the next week or so to add these workouts / group them in a L’Etape category :+1:

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I’ve read that but since it will be my first time on a scheduled workout, I wasnt really sure… :slight_smile:
Thank you very much ! can’t wait to be a part of it !! :slight_smile:

I have pressed the button to sign up too (several times) but I have heard nothing at all :frowning: If you’re already good to go two days ago I wonder if my sign-up attempts are failing?

Can someone tell us what’s supposed to happen please?

I too pressed a couple of time because there is not any confirmation message… It is sais that it can take up to 1 week before getting your confirmation email… be patient ! :slight_smile:

hope you get in man !

Thanks Mathieu, I got in in the end. Apparently the sign-up process requires Chrome. It’s very poor that we get no indication whatsoever whether the sign-up is working or not.
Any way, happy touring!

Has anyone been able to see the workouts in the events page of Zwift.com?
I’ve logged in on my account, using Chrome browser, I can only find the races and training events, no workouts.


I am wondering the same thing… I am kinda starting to panic a little bit ! :slight_smile:

it will be my really first workout program and I am afraid to miss something.

Oh, and I will start that on a brand new Tacx Neo (had to say it somewhere lol)


Glad it’s not just me, hoping someone is going to come along and say they’ve managed to find the workouts in the events.
Gratz on the new trainer, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it,

No, haven’t. But I’m assuming three things:

  1. that a software update is needed and the team will try to time the release as close to Monday (accounting for global timezones) as possible. given the release process for the ios platforms in particular they probably can’t control it precisely so figuring it will drop anything between Friday and Monday for us to update. Workouts will presumably be in the “Workouts” section, not the Events page. this sets the timeline for
  2. an FAQ or similar email that details the “rules” we’re working with detailing, among any other things, the amount of flexibility we do or do not have in completing the workouts. it’s a training plan with a timeframe and goal so we don’t expect complete flexibility, but there will be some. we just need to know the “rules”. technically that doesn’t need to drop until Monday either (again accounting for timezones) and would likely be part of a “kickoff” message on or close to the first day.
  3. the personalized progress page links need to be communicated. I’m assuming that will be done as part of (2) but really there’s no reason it has to be. it would be just as good for it to be done as part of the first workout completion message, whenever each of us does that first session.

If any or all of those are valid each of these things likely drop between Friday and Monday. If any or all of those are not valid…who knows? :slight_smile:

The good folks at ZwiftHQ have a bit of time. Stuff like the Zwift Academy went off very well (in my opinion) so assume this will too.


The way I read the description (so of course this may be wrong) the only things that you “Have” to do to complete the training and collect the gloves/jersey/etc is the workouts and the calendar is a recommendation for how to structure your week but not a hard and fast timeline.

The recovery days and races seem to be optional and everything can be done on whichever day of the week that fits your schedule.

yeah, it is true if you are only looking to unlock some appearances… but if you are really looking for a good workout scedule and trying to improve as much as you can, I will do everything they are saying and if you read closely, the wednesday race is there for evaluation…

I have a lot of hope in that workout !! :slight_smile:

Has anyone seen the training yet? Not sure if it is just me…

Still nothing for me too

I’m sure the holding page for the event has changed.
It now says we can select the workouts from the workout screen in the Zwift App.
I’m assuming that on the day of each work out the training plan or available workouts will appear under etape on the training plan or work outs within Zwift

Well less than 6 hours EST before the training is supposed to begin and I’ve not gotten anything after my acceptance email. Looking through the Zwift app I see no workouts for tomorrow (the 25th and first day of the program).

Am I missing something?

Any news on if the workouts are up now? It’s the 25th in eastern time zones.

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I cannot find the workout can someone please help me

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I’ve emailed tech support to ask If there’s an issue with the app or my account


Same here. I’ve tried to enrol and uncertain with no confirmation, no email received like some others refer to. It’s the 25th in NZ (night time now) and on checking the workouts a few times I don’t see any. I’m hoping to hear from them soon. Fingers crossed, I’d really like to do the training.