Missing L'Etape workouts

I’m signed up for the training, but I don’t the workouts in my drop-down.

Same problem here. I thought maybe the workout could be found buried in one of the others listed but it isn’t there.

You might want to take a look at this ^^

Same issue here - very disappointing

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me neither (same) support says aware still not fixed

Same here. Signing up was an opaque nightmare, no notifications of success, had to contact support and even they said they couldn’t verify I was signed up. Took them 3 days to fix it (turns out I wasn’t signed up even though I followed the steps) and now this…

This looks very half baked, I would expect better from a company like Zwift.

Same here. I must have registered for the L’Etape training and workouts 5 times and never got any email confirmation and now can’t see or access the workouts… so I don’t know where I stand? Too bad because I think it can be pretty good.

Bob Mowat

Toronto, Canada

+1 to the count of frustrated users who had signed up and arranged schedule to conform to the stated dates and now unable to find/select the required workout.


Same issue here. I’m an ideal customer and I’m so disappointed.

Received email registration confirmation March 11. Reinstalled app/restarted AppleTV/iPhone on numerous occasions and no workouts. Utterly frustrated.

The L’Etape Phase 3 workouts are now available. The website shows 7. I’m only seeing 6 in Zwift. Looks like the Rolling TT workout is missing.

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It’s still missing and today was the scheduled day that Zwift suggested we do it. I’m not happy!! I’d very carefully matched my schedule to the Zwift calendar. :rage:

Same problem here, Rolling TT workout is missing. I’m using ipad version of zwift.

It’s there now for me (ATV4K)

I raised it as a support issue with Zwift today. They have advised it should be on the iOS version with the next update which will be soon. If you can get on the windows version it’s there.

I saw that too - I used my iPhone just to look at what was involved in the next workout and noticed it wasn’t there. Since I use a Windows PC for my actual workouts, I was able to do it on schedule. Unfortunately, when I did the next workout, my “Rolling TT” workout didn’t show the date I completed it, like all of the others. Did it somehow not record that I did “Rolling TT”, even though I did?

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Yes, there must be a problem with that workout. I can also see that is completed in Companion App, but on PC there is no date next to the workout.
I contacted the support about it. They have sayed, they can see that is completed, but it will likely prevent from automatically receiving the item for completing the phase. But they can manually add a price after you finish other workouts, just make sure to contact them after the phase ends on June 19th.

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