L’Etape du Tour Training Club

I hadn’t received the Phase 4 unlock for the training club, so I sent in a ticket. Here was the response from support.

“Sorry for the unlocks not happening on the day they were supposed to! One of our team members are going through and manually unlocking all the items for those who have completed the L’etape Workouts. As this process is being done manually, it may take some time and we can’t give a time frame that it might be done by. We are working to have these unlocked as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience, and we’re sorry for any worries this has caused.”

So, if you haven’t yet received the unlocks, it looks like it will take some time. This has been a very disappointing training club. I hope that the Zwift Team has learned something so that this does not repeat in future training clubs.

Well done on completing it.

Have to admit been disappointed with the handing too.

I’ve had to contact them all the way through … First it wasn’t ready on day one, and then one of the workouts was missing for ages. Had to chase up stage 3 unlock providing proof I’d completed it… and now same for phase 4, but had to include proof of all stages… Still not resolved though…

Disappointing to finish such a big training program and not even receive a confirmation or congratulations email for completing 4 months of committed hard training…

As you say hopefully lessons have been learned.

Congratulations to you as well! Your experience is exactly what I experienced as well. Hopefully they will get it sorted out eventually. Ride On!

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It felt poorly organised at almost every step sadly.

Noticed today that my kit for completing has been added though :+1: