L’etape du tour de france training question


I was wondering that you need to do the training sessions of L’etape du tour de france on exactly the same days mentioned in the calendar (so on a monday & friday) to receive the unlocks? Would i be able to get the unlocks when for example i do a training on a thursday and not on a friday?

Same goes for the last training sessions of phase 1. That week i’m on a skitrip, so i won’t be able to do the last training session in that week, but i’m planning to do it the sunday before. Is this also ok?


You can do the Phase 1 workouts in any order, on any days. The calendar is an example of how you might fit these into your riding schedule, together with the races on Wednesdays and leading up to the “endurance event”.

I also just found this which I think is new info on this page:

There will be 4 unlocks in total (Cap, Socks, Gloves, Kit) for members who complete the L’Etape du Tour de France Workouts found in-game from the workout menu. You can complete these workouts at any time but the unlocks will only be applied at certain dates. If you complete, for instance, Phase 1 workouts after April 24, no worries, you’ll receive your unlock on the next unlock date of May 23.

  • End of Phase 1 - Unlock applied April 24
  • End of Phase 2 - Unlock/s applied May 23
  • End of Phase 3 - Unlock/s applied June 19
  • End of Phase 4 - Unlock/s applied July 17

And it’s only the workouts that have to be completed to count towards 100% completion and to receive the unlocks.

Follow up question. If I get 10/11 stars on a workout, does that count as completed from start to finish?

“You will receive progress emails in 25% increments once all Phase 1 workouts have been completed from start to finish.”

yes… if I recall during Zwift Academy last year, you had to just be moving for 50-75% of the workout I think… I didn’t think that the stars graded you, but I could be wrong

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How do I know if I’m one of the 30 000 for this training plan? When I click enroll it sends me straight to my Zwift profile. I havent gotten any emails about it. Is it full?

I think at Zwift Acadamy you had to finish minimum 80% on each workout (counted on stars to finish) If a workout had 10 stars to reach in total, you had to earn minimun 8. So not on duration youd finished, only on stars. Not sure if its here the same. It would be good to see the process as you could on ZA2018 on your account. Then you woukd now what counts

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When you log on to zwift and you see the plan on your workouts, than you can be sure. If there is no workout with “l´etape” than you can be sure your not a chosen one

Thanks for the info @Chuck_Walker @Sebastian_Eckertz

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