L’etape Du Tour progress

Is there any place to check your progress on L’etape Du Tour progress like there was in Zwift academy?

I missed a star on the second workout today when my trainer shutoff. Wanted to see if I would still get credit or have to do it again.


Historically, the stars have meant nothing as far as completion.

I guess that means there isn’t such a page?

See the link below.

“You will receive progress emails in 25% increments once all Phase 1 workouts have been completed from start to finish.”


Yes I know that, but by the time you get them, it can be already too late to catch up workouts you might have missed or Zwift didn’t register correctly. As that wouldn’t be the first time such thing happens…

So no, there isn’t such a place

Phase 1 is 4 weeks so 25% increments should be weekly e-mails. It is only 7 workouts so it will be easy to make up a workout.

No weekly emails because you pasted it yourself: once all phase 1 workouts have been completed from start to finish. The thing is there isn’t a place where you can check the progress, similar to the zwift academy or the tour of watopia.

You are correct, I had to read it again.

When I go to the L’Etape workout folder, I’m able to see a date that I completed each workout next to the workout. I’m running Windows10. Not sure if the completed date appears under Android or iOS.

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Strong start! You’ve finished [Phase 1 – Early Base] of the L’Etape du Tour de France Training Club. With your aerobic fitness on the rise, you’re ready to take on the next phase, [Phase 2 - Late Base]. These workouts will be available in-game by [April 22.]

By completing Phase 1, you’ve unlocked the in-game L’Etape du Tour de France cycling cap. It will appear in your garage on one of the listed dates below.

  • [April 24]
  • [May 23]
  • [June 19]
  • [July 17]
  • [Aug 22]

There will be four rewards in total. Complete your L’Etape du Tour de France workouts at anytime to unlock your in-game gear.

  • Phase 1: Cycling Cap
  • Phase 2: Socks
  • Phase 3: Gloves
  • Phase 4: Complete Kit

I’ll be honest, I did not expect this to work :joy:

Phase 2 workout plan

I sent an email to Zwift about the same thing that you are wondering, they told me there was no page for it which I found a little hard to believe!

Got my lovely orange cycling cap in the garage today :+1:

Started phase 2 last night (without ERG :shushing_face:), decent.

Mmm didnt receive an email that i completed phase 1 whilst i have completed all workouts of phase 1. Even did all the races…? What gives? Who should I contact for this?

Same here… All Phase 1 workouts completed on 17 Apr, that’s before the time limit, didn’t received any e-mail about the 25% completion and as expected, no Cycling Cap at 24 Apr also… Think we should rise a ticket @Jens_Willems

I completed the last workout on 10 April and got the email on 17 April, cap appeared (although it wasn’t marked as “new”) on schedule on 24th.

I would raise a support ticket if you don’t have it yet.

Anyone got their lovely new socks and/or gloves today? Haven’t had an email to confirm that I’ve completed phase 2 or 3 (although I have), and no shiny new kit when I logged in just now…


I’m waiting for the gloves… no info yet! :roll_eyes:

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I’m still waiting as well for the gloves.

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Sent a support request this morning, had them by my ride tonight.

This feels very much like the forgotten training plan, hope Letape didn’t pay too much for it :grimacing:


I put in a support request yesterday afternoon and they asked for a screenshot, which I provided immediately. Still nothing as of this afternoon. I sent another email back to support asking about the status and I’m getting crickets! I’m very disappointed with the support of this Training Program.