L’Etape du tour on 5th July, finished but no result

Hi, I have finished the L’Etape du tour on 5th July, with confirmation email received and activity logged on the Campanion APP. However I cannot find my racing result anywhere.

There was some tech problem during my riding as well, somewhere before I hit the radio tower on the top, I lost the panel on the right side of the screen which should show the participants nearby and my realtime ranking. I did get the KOM and Sprinter result though, on the Zwift APP during my riding. The racing was too intense for me to take a screenshot.

I do need my result back. This is my first racing online.

Hi Phil,

No-one got a position from Zwift upon finishing.

I just got distance, time and ave power. I don’t think Zwift can handle a multi stage event so this is taken care of over at Zwift Power.

This was (more or less) confirmed in a pre event email from Zwift -

Thinking of signing up for the Virtual L’Etape du Tour de France? Make it count! Complete any stage and earn the in-game 2020 L’Etape du Tour kit. The next event is coming up soon, don’t forget to [sign up]

Don’t forget to also opt-in to Zwift Power. This is important for Zwifters who want to see where they stand in the general classification.

Need more info on Zwift Power? Keep reading.

Hope this helps

Ride On.

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Thank you, John!

I guess I must have miss out some very important official notice, and I only got to know ZwiftPower AFTER my ride yesterday… It seems that I cannot import my .fit file into ZwiftPower, though.

So there is no turning back for me, right?

Not sure to be honest. Head over to ZP, they have their own forum and one of the experts may be able to help out.