Game Update 1.47 [August 2023]

Hi Zwifters! Phased rollout of Zwift version 1.47 begins today on Windows / macOS / Android. iOS and tvOS phased rollout begins tomorrow.

  • Fixed an issue with the teleport feature where the rider does not automatically teleport at the end of the countdown timer.
  • Fixed an issue on the Repack Rush results screen where leaderboard names would overlap other information on the screen.
  • Running: Changed the ‘Best Time’ format from MM:SS to H:MM:SS.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause riders to take a wrong turn at an intersection during events and Pacer Group rides.
  • Improved the appearance of the moon.
  • Climb Portal: Tweaked power-up frequencies.
  • Elite Rizer: Improved steering responsiveness in Repack Rush.
  • Elite Rizer: Fixed an issue that prevented intersection route selection via steering.

Windows / macOS / Android

  • Fixed an issue where the elevation icon was offset from the HUD on Time Trial events.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Zwift Companion to end an activity while the Race Results screen was visible.


  • Improved navigation to the intro slideshow when running Zwift for the first time


  • Fixed black squares in France near Marina Sprint where a stone bridge meets the road surface.

Launcher Update:

Apple silicon Support:
UPDATED: * By September 4th September 12 / 13 depending on your local time zone, all Mac computers with Apple silicon (i.e. M1 / M2) processors will be able to run Zwift natively, with improved game performance. See this thread for details.

UPDATE August 31

  • Phased rollout to iOS and tvOS has begun.
  • Phased rollout to Windows / macOS / Android continues.

UPDATE September 1
Zwift v 1.47.0 has been fully released to all OS platforms.

UPDATE September 5
Zwift game 1.47.2 for iOS and tvOS only.

Native Apple silicon support has been deployed to 100% of macOS devices with M1+ processors. See this thread for more details


  • Improved stability on low-memory iOS devices…


  • Improved stability.

Anything big coming soon? I saw Eric Schlange testing rider highlight, for example.

Native Apple silicon support is big.


True. Good point. I didn’t realize it in my Windows mindset :smile:

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Are iPad with M1 and M2 benefit from the update? Or is it Mac only?


Can you expand on this (i.e. percentages)? Does this include fixing which power ups get selected when turning in to climb portal from a free ride instead of doing the climb portal route?

Macs running on M1 and M2 chips benefit from code written natively for Apple silicon processors. Rosetta does not need to translate legacy code written for Intel processors, and that’s what’s driving the efficiency improvements.

iPhones and iPads have always been built on ARM chips, so Zwift apps for iOS have always been written for ARM architecture. We are looking at other ways to squeeze higher res settings on iOS devices with M1+ chips, but no specifics or timeline to share at this time.


Apple silicon Support:
UPDATED : * By September 4th September 12 / 13 depending on your local time zone, all Mac computers with Apple silicon (i.e. M1 / M2) processors will be able to run Zwift natively, with improved game performance.

– Is there a way to force this update if you’re on an M series Mac?

No. It’s a phased rollout. You could get it today or in a few days.

  • Large XP - approx. 10%
  • Small XP - approx. 65%
  • Rest is Feather power up.

Really guys? Instead of fixing the permanent results screen, you guys fixed a purely visual element. Really??


Probably different people involved.

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Half the issue is all the people on this forum moaning about insignificant visuals.


Just installed the update on my Mac Mini M2. Running Zwift at 4K my FPS went up 10-15 FPS during a short test :slightly_smiling_face: Hopefully the Ultra Profile will be available in the future.


It’s great to see Zwift finally running native on macOS. Hopefully a straightforward port from there to iPadOS - the old mobile port we have has been limited to Basic and 30fps for a very long time!

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Nope, it’s not straightforward for reasons explained above.

Still High Profile running at 4K with 120FPS and full riders shadows :slight_smile: This is getting better and better :slight_smile:

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Really? You’re complaining about this?

One possible explanation: perfect task to give to a new hire, without risking that they might screw up an important feature.

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Reasons explained above? Think I’m missing it, could you link?

Hope Mac and iPad builds get access to Ultra graphics soon, too, given Enrico’s 4K/120fps results above!

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